Creating the Best User Experience in Your Kitchen

For some people the kitchen is not just a place where you go when you are hungry. Those who spend a lot of time in their kitchen know that it can be a place where you go to for solace and creativity. When you think about creating the most comfortable environment, there is a simple fact that you need to remember. What is most important to you when you are in your kitchen? There is also a cultural element to what will be considered the best. For example, in Singapore, a lot of people don't even bother to have kitchens because they eat out all the time. The best user experience will be having a microwave of a coffee maker and a fridge.

In most western countries, having a kitchen is the norm and creating the perfect user experience will depend on how much space you have. The most space in your kitchen the more things you can add. That is no always a good thing.  Most people don't have the luxury of deciding what goes into their kitchen design. That said, most kitchen furniture sets will have a little dining table, microwave, dish washer, gas or electric cooker, sink, storage space, etc. There are those who will like an open space kitchen so that they don't feel isolated when in their kitchen. Others want to keep thing separated.

Another thing that can contribute to a great feel is having all you need in the right place so that you don't have to run around. Good ventilation is good for those moments when you over cook things and you need to ventilate your kitchen. Some people have air extractors installed while other have large windows to take care of of that. The time of the year can play an important part in deciding to have an extrator or not. You will not want to have your windows wide open in winter and spend more on your heating bill. When it comes to the feeling good in your kitchen opting for functionality is a good way to go.

Creating the Best User Experience In the Bedroom

Most people associate the bedroom with sleeping and having sex. That is often the case but there is more that goes on in the bedroom than snoring and making babies. The bedroom is where most people spend a huge amount of their time. That is why a little effort in the bedroom can enhance your life. If you are an avid reader, having a huge pillows to support your back and a lamp that can be easily switched on and off. Having a side storage or a headboard on which you can place your book or e-reader is good option

If you are the type that likes to take your time to dressing up and putting on makeup without getting disturbed, it will be a great idea to have an ensuite bathroom along your bedroom so that you don't have to share with the rest of the family. This will create a good user experience because you will avoid the irritations of shouting and trying to get your kids out of the bathroom on time. This can also be effective if you have guests so that they can have all they need without you bothering them.

Another great way to create comfort in your bedroom is having enough storage to put things away. That is why a bed with storage can make your small bedroom look more spacious and hide all the unsightly stuff you don't have time to sort out. Apart from storage, you can also improve things in your bedroom if you have the right wall colors to make your room feel more homely. Having large large windows can also improve your user experience as the day light shines through to wake you up to a new day.

Some people enjoy eating breakfast in their  bed while others think you should be able to get up your lazy behind and go to the living room. That said, creating comfort in the bedroom has to do with what makes you happy.

Best User Experience In a Living Room

When you think about what people want from their living room, the list will be as long as the amount of people you ask. Most people will relate what they consider the cutest thing in a living room to what they have experienced when they were little. The experience could either be positive or negative. When you are invited to a friends house, you have certain expectations. You will not expect to sit on the floor if you live in the West. However if you live in the East,  or in places like Japan, you will expect to leave your shoes outside and sit on the floor. Your user exprience is closely related to your environment and what you are used to. In countries like the United States, you will expect a living room to have chairs, tables and a television etc.. That is because you probably have one and everyone you know also have the same basic living room setting.

Another great living room idea is when you see the unexpected. For example, if the living room has a swinging egg chair or a hammock. Children will often gravitate towards the living room swinging egg chair because they think it will be fun and it is. The fun aspect of the egg chair will greatly make the living room the best user experience for children. The same goes for adult when they can get to relax and experience something different. Visitors will feel the same if you invite them to sit on your huge bean bag. It is different and that contributes to its appeal and improves the user experience. 

If you have a wall painted in black in your living room where your children can write with chalks and go crazy, that will build better user experience in your living room. It should be big enough so that they can get their fill. It will ease tensions between children and parents.

Some people choose a minimalistic approach to creating their living room user experience. The more space you can create can make it interesting for people to feel at ease.

The points above highlights how user experience in the livng room doesn't have to be extravagant. It also shows that the best user experience in a living room is when you keep it functional and fun.