Easter is quickly approaching us. Kids can’t wait to get up Easter morning and see what the “Easter Bunny” left. If you are like most parents with a room full of toys, you are running out of ideas of what to fill their baskets with. Here are some “themed” basket ideas to put together for your children.

Summer Themed Basket: Get your kids excited for summer by filling their Easter basket with toys for summer. Make a giant pale your basket. Put in a shovel, sand scoopers, sand molds, water guns, water balloons, and bubbles. Don’t forget to put in the sunscreen and bug spray for summer protection. You may even want to add in a new bathing suit.

Movie Night Basket: Take a big basket and put in a small fleece blanket and pair of pajamas for snuggling on the couch during the movie. Put in a four count box of microwavable popcorn. Put in a couple boxes of movie theater snacks (which you can buy at your local Wal-mart) and then place a kid’s movie in front.

Bath time fun Basket: Make this basket for your little one to use during bath time. Take a medium sized basket. Place a new bath towel in the back. Fill with bubble bath, bath crayons and bathtub squirters.

Baby Basket: Even though your little one won’t remember, it is fun to make a basket for them, too. This is mostly for your use, so put some diapers and wipes in the basket. Add a “Baby’s First Easter” bib. Fill with baby food, baby juice, and baby snacks. Put in some bottles or sippy cups. You might also want to add a rattle or small toy for the baby to enjoy.

Arts and Crafts Basket: What better way to make the time fly on a rainy day than by coloring and creating crafts. Start your basket off with coloring books, markers, and crayons. Add some crafts like foam pieces, googly eyes, popsicle sticks, stickers, and felt pieces. Add things such as glue and paint to finish the crafts.

Games Basket: Start this basket with a game of memory. Then fill it with some puzzles and different card games like old maid and go fish. Top it off with some magnetic travel games like checkers, tic tac toe, Chinese checkers, and chess. You will never have bored kids in the car ever again.



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Credit: blessedeaster.com