How To Be a Successful Blogger

Okay, so you have your blogging hat on and you are thinking of writing a blog, making you a blogger. You have no earthly idea how you are going to get started. You can only imagine the reader at the other end thinking it juvenile or down right genius when they finish exploring it. To tell the truth, I have gotten beyond all that. I simply write for the joy of it! Oh, I will receive an occasional comment about my work that prods me and causes me to continue. Frankly, whether I get praise or a negative tonal response does not matter to me. I write because I enjoy the freedom of expression in the basic twenty-six letter toolbox that is available to me, and to you.Tips For Blogging

I would be lying if I did not mention that, at one time, the only significant part about writing to me was creating an iconic and enduring masterpiece. To be able to formulate a memorable creation that would withstand the tests of time, space and minuscule attention spans. Today, I almost laugh aloud at such preposterous notions. Indeed, I have come a long way!

Finding Your Passion

If you are still reading this, I have not discouraged you yet. Good! Every blogger needs to find their passion, their power, and their purpose. What is it that you like talking, reading, or writing about? This is the most fundamental question you will ask yourself when starting a blog. Is your passion traveling, boating, singing, decorating, or another subject from the plethora jar? The sky is the limit. After all, no matter what you love writing about, there will be at least a handful of people looking to read about it now! Find your niche, and then hang on to it. Others may try to guide you another direction, but let the outside banter dissolve as you press into your passion with all your fervor. Tenacity is the key element you will need if you are going to become a blogger.

Do You Have The Resources?

Now that you have discovered your passion, do you have the means to do it? I mean, do you have the right resources, computer, online blogging format, and supportive environment that is conducive to creativity? If you are going to blog more than once, you are going to need all of this and more. You need an attitude that never quits, that can adapt and overcome any obstacles thrown at you. By the way, there will be plenty of those. You will not even have to look for them: it is LIFE. If you are a self-starter, good at working alone, self motivated, can keep a schedule and are good at having others depend on you, you just might make it.

What is Your Purpose in Blogging?

All right, so you know your passion, and you have discovered the power needed to become an excellent blogger. All that’s left is finding out your purpose. Why do you want to write online for thousands of people to see? If it is for your own vanity, you may be terribly disappointed. However, if you have some knowledge that you know would be beneficial to someone else, and that others listen to what you have to say, you probably ought to keep that blogger hat intact.

Getting Started

In the world of high technology, texting and lack of verbal communication, blogs are skyrocketing. Unfortunately, blogs do not trade in the stock market. Regardless, blogging has become the new resource for gathering information such as learning about foreign concepts or trade. Successful blog writers know how to keep their ear to the ground and their hand on the keyboard. Creating the unforgettable blog will take time, talent, persistence and a bulldog like character. If you are up to the match, then kudos to you! I hope to read your blog soon. Send me a link!

Happy Writing!