The day the newborn completes one year is day of joy for the entire family. We all have enjoyed it and this tradition has been passed on to the generations.

Therefore, the first birthday party is celebrated with much joy and fanfare. It is true that you might not be remembering that party, but still it is an occasion for the family to rejoice.

Besides, it is the dream of every parent to hold a first birthday party in a grand manner for their child.

Apart from the other birthday parties, which one might be conducting and/or celebrating the first birthday party is important.

Hence, this party should be planned and executed carefully. Relatives and friends will be interested in seeing changes in the baby in the 1st year after his or her birth.

Therefore, the parents should make elaborate arrangements regarding the birthday party invitation. Instead of inviting the entire office or the entire block, it will be much better if only some close relatives and family friends are invited to the function.

Provisions should be provided, so that appropriate videos and photos are taken. These can be used to show to the child later, when they grow up.

The decorations that are to be put up for the function should be simple. There is no need for stuffing the entire place with over-hanging decorations.

If plenty of children are attending this party, then special care should be imparted so that they can have fun on their own. Children like food and entertainment.

The entertainment can be done by a volunteer or with the help of professionals who are into this business.

Speaking of these professionals, there are many such agencies in multitude dotting the country. They will ensure that everything is carried out to your fullest satisfaction.

A recent trend is including a picture of the baby in the birthday invitation. Ensure that the participants are having a time of their life.

Various forms of coloring substances can be used to beautify the room where the cake would be cut. Children are attracted towards colors and will be all over the place in no time. Hand prints and drawings can be used to add to the originality.

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