Romantic Anniversary Dinner

and Tips for Romantic Evenings

Valentine’s Day and anniversaries are often eagerly anticipated by the woman in any relationship.  However, the man often feels overwhelmed by the difficulty of coming up with some creative way to celebrate these holidays each year.  Is it enough to just show up with a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates?  Yes, rest assured that you can never go wrong with those two gifts.  However, if you wish to do something a little more creative, here are some suggestions:

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 Variations on Chocolate and Roses  

Red roses and heart shaped boxes of milk chocolate have long been associated with Valentine’s Day, as well as other special occasions.  However, why not try something a bit different?  Try giving your loved one a lush bouquet of multi-colored roses.  Talk with your florist, and you may discover that they have other ideas for floral bouquets, too.  Overwhelm her with a giant bouquet of gladiolas, for example.  Or, you may decide to buy her a live plant, such as an orchid or a potted azalea, instead.  The blooms will last much longer, and she’ll think of you every time she looks at it.  Don’t limit yourself to purchasing the typical box of candy either.  Give it a little thought.  If she is on a diet, you might skip the chocolate completely.  If she loves chocolate, but is health conscious, substitute the milk chocolate with dark chocolate.  Perhaps there is a specialty chocolate, with jalapeno filling, for example, that she might enjoy.  Whatever you do, don’t settle for the ordinary.  Find something as unique as the woman you love!  

Go see a Chick Flick with Her 

Most women enjoy seeing a romantic movie now and then, especially one that has a bit of humor and a happy ending, and usually there are one or two new ones released each year on the weekend before Valentine’s Day.  Often women go to see these movies with each other, because the men in their lives are not interested in them.  Instead of a huge bouquet of roses and candy, buy her a smaller bouquet and movie tickets for the romantic movie of her choice.  Offer to go with her, and she’ll love it!  If you can’t find a movie showing that you think will interest her, why not bring home a romantic video?  Some of the popular older movies, such as “Sleepless in Seattle,” are sure to bring a smile to her face.  

Charming Hotel or Bed and Breakfast 

Let’s face it … roses, chocolate and an evening out can get expensive.  For about the same price, is there a small hotel or charming bed and breakfast in your area that you could afford, instead?  Especially if you are celebrating an anniversary, the two of you may enjoy a little overnight getaway instead of candy and roses, and both of you will feel more refreshed and renewed afterwards.  This is an especially wonderful gift if the love of your life is also the mother of your children.  Surprise her, and make most of the arrangements by yourself.  However, check with her first to make sure you choose a weekend that is convenient for her.  Then, follow through and see if you can get a friend or relative to watch the kids overnight, while you whisk your love off to some romantic location to spend the night alone with you!  Depending on where you live, you might want to read the articles “Romantic Valentine Ideas in Las Vegas,” or “Romantic Anniversary and Valentine Ideas in Laguna Beach” for some suggestions on places to go.   If you don’t live anywhere near these two cities, the articles might give you some ideas about things you could find to do in your own hometown.  

Romantic Spa Day for Two 

Another alternative to the typical gift of roses and candy is spending the day at a local spa.  If you aren’t sure where to go, call the major hotels in your area.  Many of them have their own spas, or can recommend one.  You could just give her a gift certificate to the spa and let her go by herself … but it will be far more romantic to plan on doing it as a couple.  What can be more refreshing and romantic than a couple’s massage, followed by a relaxing lunch or dinner?  

 Heart Shaped Jewelry 

 Jane Seymour advertises her Open Heart jewelry designs, which are lovely, but almost any heart shaped jewelry will please the woman in your life, and jewelry lasts much longer than a bouquet of roses.  Every jewelry store, department store, and even stores like Target and Walmart have heart-shaped necklaces and earrings on sale around Valentine’s Day, and she’ll love having a token of your love to enjoy all year long. 

If you aren't sure what to buy, here's a quick link to the heart-shaped necklaces for sale on

 Personalized Engraved Keepsakes  

Things Remembered operates kiosks in many malls across the United States and their products are also available online at  They have everything from personalized engraved bracelets, to a beautiful silver plated filigree box with an engraved heart, both for about $30.  They also have other styles of bracelets, as well as picture frames, photo albums and keepsake boxes that range in prices from about $20 to $80. 

One thoughtful gift that can be purchased from Things Remembered or at many department stores is a pair of engraved champagne flutes.  They range in price from about $50 to $100.  When presented with a bottle of champagne, they make a charming and memorable gift to commemorate any special occasion.  Since the items are engraved, she’ll also appreciate knowing that you thought about the gift in advance.  

Are you looking for some other creative way to celebrate an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or another special occasion?  If so, you may be interested in reading some of the articles listed below:

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