Teak is one of the most sought after types of wood when it comes to use in modern and vintage furniture pieces. It is a versatile type of wood that can as easily be made to look distressed as it can to look compatible with the latest fashion trends. The wood is pest and termite proof and is durable enough that it will last without the need for varnish or an oil treatment.

During the retro era teak was adopted by the Danish modern style of furniture making and out of this style came a plethora of teak lamp designs. These lamps were designed by some of the top Danish and European furniture makers, so much so that the style has become one of the most popular and distinctive of the 20th century.

The clean lines of lamps made from teak have stood the test of time and in most cases look as fresh as they day they were made. Minimal restoration work is required to bring teak back to its best and it's the longevity of the wood that makes it such an attractive material.

Where teak really shows itself off is when it is used in conjunction with another material such as a ceramic lamp base that has been framed in teak. This kind of combination brings out the best in both the wood and the ceramic. When the lamp is lit the wood tends to glow and takes on an even greater quality.

An added bonus with using teak is that these days it is being grown as a plantation timber and so its use does not come at the cost of felling old growth forest timber. It has been demonstrated that the qualities of the plantation teak are comparable to the timber that is sourced from forest trees so there is no reason not to use the sustainable version.

There is something to be said for finding a handmade antique Danish teak table lamp and placing it in your home. The wood finish will be suitable for a large variety of different styles and as a source of light in the room teak table lamps are both a functional piece as well as a decorative one.

Teak table lamps come in styles other than the Danish Modern style and in most cases they are very impressive looking lamps. Looking through any furniture store or an antique store should result in some design examples that will appeal to you in more ways than one. Teak is such an easy medium to work it's no surprise that designers chose to get creative with their table lamps made from the material.