If you are the planner and giver of a mother to be shower it's not difficult to find baby shower decoration ideas, games, gifts or other items if you just use your Internet connection. While it's not difficult to find the shower ideas, it's important that you don't just grab the first set of decorations you find.

First of all, take the time to set a decoration budget. Remember, besides decorations you'll also want to provide food, drinks, shower games, and perhaps a little something to send home with the guests as well as, take the time to find appropriate baby shower thank yous.

Once you have set your budget then it's time to think about the future mother. Try to get to know her personal style, or perhaps the personal colors of the nursery. By taking a bit of time to tailor the shower to the mother, everyone will enjoy it more, especially the mother to be.

Once you've spent the time above, then it's time to get shopping. Remember, that it doesn't take a lot to make a day special for a mother to be, so if you're on a limited budget, get to know your home printer.

You can print out a variety of things using your computer. Items such as invitations, thank you notes, place cards, game paraphernalia and other simple items, by doing this, you'll have more money for other items on your baby shower list.

Just remember, good planning is what makes a baby shower special, not the amount you spent on the baby shower decorations.

Budget wisely, get to know the mother to be, plan your food and games, and then worry about your shower decorations. And don't forget that your Internet connection is now your best free party planning guide.

And last but not least plan for a few extra people, and also, plan foods that can be kept for later in case not all show up.

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