One of the first things to do when hosting a baby shower for twins is to come up with great invitation ideas with a twin related theme. Ensure that it is clear to all that the shower is for twins, so that the attendees will be prepared.

This is extremely critical, because the expectant mother will need two of almost everything. For the expectant mother of twins, the common phrase, ' two peas in a pod’, is an all-time favorite.

Invitations, decorations and favors can be used to creatively incorporate the peas in a pod, twin theme. Additionally, Wrigley’s has a great slogan which would work well, as it is quite familiar to most persons.

Their ‘double the fun, double the pleasure’ logo can easily be applied to baby shower invitations for twins. Themes of animal pairing can be another creative way of decorating the invitations.

This would be reminiscent to Noah’s Ark, where there was two of each type of animal and would now make reference to the expected twins. Another option is to forgo the traditional paper invitation altogether.

You will need small boxes, similar to the ones available in wedding supply stores. Get two small pacifiers or baby bottles, or whatever catches you’re fancy and tie them together.

Place them in the box on top of the confetti, and write the invitation details on the inner lid of the box. - For example, Ted and Jane are having TWO! Please come to the twin baby shower, we are inviting you!

If the box is too small, then a quick solution to the problem is to write the information on a baby themed paper, roll it up and tie it with a bit of ribbon, then place in the box.


If you are finding it challenging to come up with cute phrases or wording for a baby shower invitations for twins, then the listing below should stir your creativity.

Tiny and sweet, breathtaking and dear, our two babies are nearly here! Two small babies are almost due, so cute and precious, amazing and new! (Name of Mother) is so thrilled at being a Mom, that she is having two babies to double the fun!

Have fun planning the baby shower. Celebrating the arrival of babies is an ancient ritual, as old as the hills themselves. So, make the most of the shower preparations and make a good impression with the baby shower invitations for twins; it is the first thing people will see.