If you have ever been to a baby shower before, than you are likely aware and have read or seen some baby shower sayings.

These are little witty lines or endearing thoughts attached to the invitation, or on various aspects of the decoration at the event itself.

So what are these saying you might ask? Well, I have compiled a list of the three main phrases or sayings that you might encounter or could use yourself, should you attend a baby shower.

So you can look out for these particular word formations and understand exactly what they mean and appreciate them as you hear them.

The first usually entails something about the body parts of the new baby.

This can be something about the baby's toes, their fingers, hands or something along these lines.

These are effective because this is such an admirable quality of young life, the protection and care for all of these little pieces.

The second usually entails something along the lines of the mother's love for the new baby.

This is also regularly used, because there is nothing quite like the love shared between a mother and baby.

It surpasses all understanding, and is one of the strongest emotional bonds that can ever be formed.

The last, can be any number of humorous approaches to parenthood. They can be as classy or as lewd as your crowd allows.

This can be anything from the necessity of borrowing money from those you care about, to the fact that dad will have to give up his most prized possessions on mom for awhile. Just have fun with it.

Baby shower sayings are a fun way to express some joy and laughter into the welcoming of a new baby with your family and friends.

If you have to come up with one, then play around with a few ideas and come up with something really solid. If not, just enjoy what someone else has designed.

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