With only a few months left before Christmas, you probably already find yourself troubled by the most common Christmas question: What is the perfect Christmas gift? - Well hopefully you will find the answer on this list of creative Christmas gifts.

You'll be surprised to discover just how many opportunities there are out there and the list with new ideas of creative Christmas gifts are growing and growing faster than the speed of light. All you are left to do is to decide who is it that you'll be gifting and what exactly could you offer to each one of these people?

There are many things which could be considered creative Christmas gifts, but in the end it all comes down to your needs and feelings towards the person you want to give the creative Christmas gift. If you're out of luck, or at this moment simply can't get the time for the planning of Christmas presents for your loved ones, then take a quick look at the following list:

Customized calendars. Think of it this way: the year is about to end and most likely your dear ones didn't have the time to run at the store and get a calendar for the next year. So how about you make some personalized calendars, with self-chosen illustrations for each month? No matter if it's a wall calendar or a desk calendar, the persons who will receive it will most likely fully enjoy it! And the better the design, the more they'll love it, as they'll have it around for an entire year.

Personalized wallets. These items are highly appreciated by men especially, so if you're tired of seeing your husband, father or brother reaching out for his pocket and taking out an old, damaged wallet, then consider Christmas as the time for a renewal. The best part is that you can now personalize wallets, placing specific designs or text messages here and there on their exterior surface, or on the interior areas of the personalized wallet.

Personalized photo books. Some people treasure their memories more than anything else in the world. For them, a photo album or a photo book would make a really warming and creative Christmas present! But what exactly is a photo book? If you do a little research at shops in your area or online, you will notice that there are many companies and websites who offer you the possibility to create personalized photo books. You can decide exactly which photographs you want on each page, the number of pages, whether the photos will be black and white or colored, and even how the covers of the photo book will look like. Now that you think about it, this could be some amazing creative Christmas gifts to all dear to you!

Gift baskets. If you can't decide for a single item that you want to give someone for Christmas, then you could always prepare a nice gift basket. Not only you could come up with an inventive idea for how the basket should look like, but you could also include some of that person's favorite items in it, assuring you that the Christmas gift will be welcomed.

Whatever you decide to make or buy as Christmas gifts for your loved ones, do so now. It is never too soon to start thinking of a Christmas present list and the sooner you start, the better the chances are for you to come up with unique and unforgettable ideas. As a result, this year you will be giving away creative Christmas gifts.