Last year we downsized our house.  We got rid of a lot of junk and donated many things and I have to tell you, it felt great.  But as we moved into our smaller space, we made our living areas work well with what we had, but the area the most lacking was the entrance way.  All my other rooms worked like a well oiled machine except this one.

When you downsize your home or space, areas get much smaller and the entrance is no exception.  I live in an area where we experience all four seasons, and when it comes to winter, I quickly realized I didn’t really have a space for hanging wet or damp coats or the umbrella.  I have a very small hall closet, but I didn’t like the idea of jamming wet clothes into that small space, so it quickly became the “seasonal” closet.  This means when it is winter, all the summer sandals and accessories are in the little closet, so I had to find a creative way to hang coats that was not ugly or in the way and utilized as much space as possible.

I had a couple of floor mats for the boots and shoes, but I wanted something a little different for the coat hooks.  I went looking on line and found some great ideas.

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1. Free Standing Coat Rack With Seat

I am eyeballing this particular setup as it would work perfectly in my small space.  It is free standing so no installation required, and has a place for the coats to hang as well as a little seat for putting on shoes.  I have a matt on the floor for my shoes, and realized that this setup would fit perfectly where I had the mat and doesn’t stick out into the room very far.   I have one free wall that this would be a quick option for.  It would be perfect for the renter as well as it doesn’t cause any damage to the walls.

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2. Mounted 3D Coat Hooks

I kept searching and found this creative coat hook idea.  It actually mounts to the wall but doesn’t take up much wall space as the support is vertical.  It is not like your typical wide wood with hooks, but still can house 4 coats or umbrella or bags etc.  This would work if you don’t have much wall space but still need to hang more than one thing.  It takes up the room of a “one hook” system but utilized 4 possibilities.

This bracket would have to go into the stud on the wall to be able to hold the weight of more than one item, but you could place a few of these in smaller wall spaces.  Would work in the bedroom or other rooms as well; this is a great way to utilize limited space.

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3. Over the Door Coat Hooks

I love this idea for sweaters and bags, but I personally would be a little apprehensive of hanging wet coats and clothes on this setup as the door would get wet.  But if you have an easy to clean door this might be something to consider.  There are no installations or drilling required and therefore no damage.  It is a great way to use the wasted space behind a door.   You could do this right on your front door, as the bracket doesn’t interfere with the opening or closing of the doorway.

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4. Decorative Shabby Chic

You can get individual hooks to be installed on the wall.  The fun part with these is that you can place them anywhere.  They don’t have to go in a straight line; you can get fun and place them anywhere you have a little bit of space.  You could have a “his and hers” or place some lower down for kids. 

I also noticed that in the dollar store you can get wooden blocks and also hooks.  If you are crafty or creative you could paint your own and attach the hooks then attach to the wall.  These are a cute way to add colour and whimsy to the entrance way and look cute even when there are no coats to hang.

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5. Tree Branch Coat Rack

If you have a corner near your door for coats and bags or even in your smaller bedroom for extras, this is a really chic way to hang them.  Instead of your traditional coat rack, this one looks like a tree with branches.  I don’t quite have the room for this one, or I would get it as I really quite like the natural look of it and how much it can hold.  They are sturdy and they don’t have to stay in the entranceway, they can go anywhere you need extra space for hanging clothes.

6. Creative Coat Hooks DIY

Everyone’s space is different, and there are just as many different ways to utilize this space.  If you love DIY then get creative, let your imagination run wild.  I have included the above video so you can see some of the wacky ideas that people use to hang their coats, some will work well others not so much, but hopefully they will give you some brilliant ideas for your own space and maybe some things you have laying around the house could easily be made into this great project for just the cost of your labour.    

Have Fun and find some creative coat hooks for your space.