Concrete is probably the cheapest building material. It is usually only considered as a main structure material than a decorative one. This also holds true for concrete in fireplaces.

It is used to line the floors and then have another thing like brick, slate, or marble placed over it. What people do not know is that concrete could be used to build wonderful designs that are also sturdy and inexpensive.

All that is needed to have an awesome concrete fireplace is some imagination and creativity. This material has gone a long way and still has a great potential to be used for even more things. Building a concrete fireplace takes considerable work.

First, one should determine his home's needs. The size of the fireplace should be relative to the size of the room. Then, decide on a design and how it would compliment its surroundings – consider the use of the fireplace in this stage.

It is best to have a clear picture of the fireplace to show the constructor. Afterward, draft a budget and stick to it – this should include all the materials and construction fees.

With its fire retention and heat resistance capabilities, concrete could make very good fireplace surrounds and exteriors. The trend has already started.

People have begun to use concrete for the firebox, the mantle, and the hearth. Its durability adds to the fireplace's longevity and its versatility could cater to any and every person's desires.

It could be poured into a mold, could be made to look rough, polished to be smooth, and painted with any color anybody could want.

A concrete fireplace is also easier to clean because the stains could just be painted over to make it look new again, which could not be done to bricks or marble or slate or any other material. You can literally create it to look like anything from brick to a gothic castle. Let your imagination be your guide and enjoy a one of a kind fireplace design.