If you'd like to add a little glamour to your bathroom, or maybe some extra privacy for your bedroom, curtains can be a great solution.

1) Adding long, flowing curtains to your bedroom windows can create an elegant style for the entire room. Choose a light fabric in a neutral color as your base window covering. Then pick out a curtain pattern and have four floor-length cuts made. These can each be individually tied in the middle. This combines elegance with functionality. You can still have full coverage with the light fabric, but your taste does not have to be compromised.
2) If you have a window seat in your bedroom and the full-length curtains just won't cut it, consider a simple swag with long ends. It is always good to pair this style with a very elaborate curtain rod or hooks. This can really make the difference in style. Choosing a simple color or fabric design and a spectacular custom hook or rod can bring the room together really nicely without appearing excessive.

1) A new trend in bathroom décor is creative shower curtains. While you will need a vinyl or acrylic lining, you can have a decorative drape as well. This is commonly used in claw-footed tubs, but can be applied to any basic tub or shower. After choosing an opaque shower lining, you can layer it with one water-resistant fabric to hang outside the tub, and then a decorative hanging that doesn't reach the floor, but hangs about halfway down. This style is mainly inspired by canopy beds and can bring another dimension of good taste to your bathroom.
2) Since any bathroom decorations have to be somewhat water-resistant, people often stay very minimalistic in their bathroom's décor. Aside from the aforementioned bathtub drape, another way to really enhance the style in your bathroom is with window coverings. The number one reason windows are covered in bathrooms is for privacy, but that does not mean you can't have a little pizzazz as well. Adding drapes and swags over your full-coverage blinds add another element of design to the overall feel of the bathroom. With decorative hardware such as stylish lever handles and rods, your unique styles can be taken to the next level.