Part of the fun of home decorating is in the details and small, personal creative touches that show who you are. The sort of details that can excite the senses, express your personality and make your home an enchanting place in which to live. Adding different items to your home décor can bring about vastly different looks and feels. Chunky candles and incense burners can add a dimension of scent. Skylights and stained glass details contribute to and enhance the element of light. And creative curtain tie backs bring texture and interest to any room. Expressing your own creativity through the use of such a simple and functional item can add a fun and satisfying note to the adventure of home decorating.

There are almost as many ways to hold open your drapes as there are windows in the world. And you can choose which mood or feel you want to impart by your choice of style, material and color. You can go classic, elegant, funky or country. Or even invent your own style. Shop around to get a good idea of what's possible before you decide, and look in unexpected places. For instance, you can find silk tassel tie backs at online stores that sell graduation tassels. They're about one-third the cost of comparable tassel tie backs at drapery specialty stores. Look around and you are bound to discover other similar items that could serve as interesting drape holders. Strands of artificial leaves can be fun in the right sort of room. Red neckerchiefs are delightful in a kid's cowboy-themed room. Explore resale shops for men's neckties in colors that coordinate with your color scheme. Simple grosgrain ribbon can look very nice in a country kitchen. Keep your eyes open and you will be amazed at what you find.

If you choose to purchase pre-made tie backs, you will find numerous styles and materials on the Bead Curtain Tiebacksvirtual shelves and in brick-and-mortar stores. Beaded curtain tie backs are available with glass, metal, wooden or ceramic beads to suit your particular decorating style. Metal curtain tie backs that attach firmly to the wall add a formal elegance to a dining room, living room or library. They are available in a variety of metals and finishes, to be as showy or as discrete as you like.

These window treatment accessories are functional as well as decorative. They serve a purpose and look good while doing it. Incorporating tie backs for curtains into your decorating plans will give your room a fine, finished appearance.