Whether you've just purchased your first house, moved into a new apartment, or are redecorating your current home there are several dining room ideas that can help you achieve the look you're seeking. To begin, there are three things that are most important to your dining room decor: paint color, furniture, and aesthetic.

Choosing a paint color can be a daunting task, but one of the most important aspects in dining room ideas simply because it will set the mood for the rest of your decor. While we can sit here and tell you what every color is supposed to mean, the fact of the matter is you won't know what you love until you try it.

Things to consider when choosing a paint color are virtually limitless, but stick with these three ideas and you'll be fine: aesthetic, likes, and dislikes.

Choosing a paint color doesn't have to be difficult and doesn't have to take all day, let alone more than one day period. Ask yourself, "What kind of mood do I want to set in here?" before you go deciding on a color scheme.

Look at your furniture, is it clean lined and modern or is it traditional and purely wood? Go with colors that are going to compliment your decor. While neutral colors are good in every aspect, they can also hinder your decor by not being quite enough color.

Whether you would like to create a sophisticated mood or an energizing room, your message must be clear.

Furniture is an important part of any design. Choosing your furniture (if you've not all ready done so) proves to be a challenge even after you have chosen a paint color. The main question to ask is, "What is my overall design preference?" If you do not like a lot of clutter and extras, then maybe you should be looking at something more modern.

Modern furniture creates sleek, clean lines while wowing your guests with beautiful construction. Great dining room ideas incorporate a number of elements with your furniture to ensure you have one cohesive look.

Without considering your furniture you are leaving out an important part of design that can have a disastrous effect on your overall look. The main point about choosing furniture is to ensure its durability. If you're planning on using dining room furniture for years, make sure that it not only fits your style, but is durable enough to last.

Aesthetics are at the heart of any good design; it's the overall feeling you get when you walk into a room and is achieved by not over cluttering or making the room too busy to the eye.

Creating a pleasing mood is simple; you can do it with fresh flowers, a chandelier that's a one of a kind creation, or a vintage china cabinet. The best way to find ideas you love is to question yourself or imitate a style you like through your own unique interpretation. Design is really a state of mind.