For the budget conscious bride and groom, creating do-it-yourself invitations is a great way to save some major money.  Getting your invitations professionally done can cost upwards of four or five dollars a piece.  If you have over one hundred guests, those numbers can add up quickly.  Here is a creative, homemade invitation idea that looks professionally done but will save your hundreds off dollars. 

The Paper

Go to your friendly neighborhood craft store like Hobby Lobby or Michaels and purchase some premium paper for your invitations.  The paper used in the example shown is white and has a canvas texture to it.  This premium paper will give your invitations a more sophisticated feel and will also accept ink from an inkjet printer very well. 

Depending on how many pages you need in your invitation, you can print out an entire invite on one sheet of paper.  Also, be sure to set your printer to its highest settings.  The ink could potentially be expensive depending on your printer and the cost of ink cartridges.  However, many office supply stores can refill ink in your empty cartridges for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new ones. 

You will also need a paper cutter of some sort to get your invitations down to size.  Be sure to leave an extra “tab” on the bottom of each paper so wedding guests can know what is on each sheet. 

Cost:     $.20 to $.30 per sheet of premium paper

The ConnectionCreative Wedding Invitation Design

With this design, you will use a mini brad to hinge all of the paper together.  You  simply need to purchase a hole punch of the correct size and as many brads as you will need.  Make sure all sheets of paper are aligned before using the hole punch.

Cost:     Brads $5 for 100 count

                        Hole Punch $5


On your RSVP sheet, you should have one detachable end that is the size of a postcard.  Guests can then tear this sheet off, mark their meals and number of guests, and send it back to you.  Postcards are great for RSVPs, since postage is only 28 cents.

To make the postcard detachable, you will need to purchase a perforator such as this one .  Simply run this tool over paper, and it will magically create a perforation. 

Costs:     Perforator $7

                          Postcard Stamps $.28 each

The Envelopes

Another nice thing about these invitations is that, if designed correctly, they will fit into a standard business size envelope.  Costs can vary depending on what color and style you choose. 

Cost: Varies

The Stamps

The outside envelope of your invitation is a great way to make a good first impression on your potential wedding guests.  It is thus becoming increasingly popular to create your own postage stamps from places such as  On Zazzle, you can choose from their selection of premade wedding stamps or your can create your own and include an engagement photo or your names on the stamp itself. 

Costs: Varies depending on where you purchase your stamps and your design

In conclusion

The wedding invitation documented in this article is a wonderful way to create a professional looking invite on a budget.  It is by no means the cheapest or easiest do-it-yourself invitation, but this is a great option for a bride and groom who love to show off their creativity.