Eggs are a symbol of new life and fertility and have been a part of the Easter tradition for centuries. Decorating Easter eggs is a fun yearly activity for many families. If you have used the typical solid colored dyes every year, why not give these creative Easter egg decorating ideas a try.

Use stickers to create shapes on your Easter eggs. Place the stickers on the eggs and carefully press down on the edges to seal them. Dip the Easter eggs in the dye and set them aside to dry. Once the decorated Easter eggs are dried, peel the stickers off to reveal the white areas left behind.

Use rubber bands in the same way as the stickers to cover parts of the Easter eggs. Create unique striped effect by wrapping the rubber bands around the eggs in different ways. Dip the decorated Easter eggs in the dye and remove the rubber bands once the eggs have dried.

Add oil to your dye to decorate Easter eggs with a marbled effect. Add one tablespoon to each cup of color and stir well. Dip the Easter eggs in immediately. The oil separates from the water while the eggs dry, giving them a marbled appearance. You will need to stir the egg dye before you dip each egg.

Instead of dipping the Easter eggs in dye, use a spoon or medicine dropper to dribble dye over the eggs. As the dye runs down the sides of the eggs, it makes irregular lines. Drop the dye on different spots and use a variety of colors to create unique effects.

Decorating Easter eggs doesn't have to involve egg dye. Use crayons or markers to draw pictures on the eggs. You can glue on other Easter egg decorations like sequins, buttons or ribbons. You can also sprinkle glitter onto shapes drawn with glue. Use peel and stick decorations as an alternative to glue. This Easter egg decorating method is a great way for the kids to get involved without the mess of egg dye.

Decorate Easter eggs creatively with paint. Use a paintbrush, string, aluminum foil or bubble wrap dipped in paint to create interesting effects. Only use non-toxic paint if the eggs are going to be eaten.

Look around your home and try to think of more creative ways to decorate Easter eggs. Your family will have fun coming up with new ideas and your eggs will be extra special this year.