It is difficult to get adequate exercise when one spends an inordinate amount of time at the workplace, crouched in front of multiple computer screens for at least eight hours a day. Numerous studies have demonstrated the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. In this article, I would like to suggest a number of creative exercise tips that you can use, even if you spend most of your time in the office.

1. Climb stairs

Instead of taking a lift to the office, climb the stairs instead. You won’t have to squeeze with others in the lift and you’ll be able to obtain a good workout each day.

2. Stand at your desk

Many health problems result from spending an excessive amount of time in a sitting position at one’s desk. In fact, sitting for too long is one of the major causes of deep vein thrombosis, where blood clots form in the veins and restrict oxygen supply to critical parts of the body. To mitigate the harmful effects of spending too much time on one’s seat, try to do some work in a standing position. If possible, you may even one to consider installing specific office furniture that will allow you to use the computer in a standing position. 

3. Take a break every 2 hours

Make it a point to take a break every two hours. During this time, stroll around the office, walk to the café to grab a coffee or even take a stroll in a nearby park. The whole idea is to move around and get more exercise.

4. Use your gym membership

If you are lucky enough to have your company sponsor your membership to a local gym, make sure you use it on a regular basis. If your company has an in-house gym, make sure you use it as well. It’s all about getting as much exercise as your can.

5. Lunch-time exercise

Do you spend your lunch hour having a sandwich at your desk? It may be better to go out occasionally for lunch with your colleagues to move your legs and get some fresh air. When you return to the office, you may find that you are more refreshed and ready to work.