We all know that renovating the basement and fixing it up to livable standards can be costly. If you have just enough money to refurbish the essentials such as the floor, ceiling, and walls, you can actually make a good use of the place if you get a little creative. Here are a few finished basement ideas that are great for your family and also great for your budget.

• Walls can be such a diverse part of your basement. There are a million things you could do to the walls but keeping it bare may be the way to go if you want to save up on the expenses. Instead of paneling or using wallpaper, why not opt for a dry wall with a light color instead? This is not only practical but is also a modern approach to creating a lighter effect in the room.

• There's no need to make extra walls for a big basement if you are planning to divide the room into sections. Another one of the many great finished basement ideas is to use cabinets or counter tops as dividers. People always seem to have the impression that it's stuffy inside the basement, dividing it with walls with make it seem more stuffy than it already is.

• People always think that the basement is a dark place. Create an illusion and make your basement appear as if it's just like any part of your house by giving it great lighting. A poorly lit basement will make it appear stuffy and small. Good lighting will solve your problem and will attract more people into using the room.

Great and practical finished basement ideas don't really need a step-by-step guide from an expert. Use your imagination and figure out exactly what you want. Do you want a game room? Do want to turn it into a teenager's room?

Figure out your needs and design your basement floor plans accordingly. Always think twice before you finish a basement while deciding on things like extra walls, extra doors, etc.

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