Easy Halloween Costumes in Kits

And Homemade Halloween Costumes

 Do you have a tendency to wear the same old Halloween costume every year? Or, do you just skip the entire issue and choose to wear your normal everyday clothing whenever you are invited to a costume party? Perhaps you tell your friends that you are dressed as a Suburban Housewife, a Soccer Mom or a Business Woman. However, if that is how you dress normally, how much fun is that? Why not break out of the rut and try some new, fun but easy Halloween costumes? Every October, specialty shops open up all over the country with the items you will need. However, if you like to plan ahead, you can also go ahead and get started by ordering your adorable kits online from sites like Amazon.com. That way, you'll have plenty of time to try your costume on and make any changes necessary so that you feel really comfortable in it. Where you see the name of an outfit written in "quotation marks," you will know that is the exact name you can search for on Amazon or other websites. Here is an example of an Amazon Halloween costume.  Below the photo are some easy Halloween outfits you may want to try to put together yourself.

Halloween CostumeCredit: www.amazon.com

Choose Simple Halloween Outfits

Do you want to enjoy all the fun, but you prefer to wear an easy, relaxed costume? Pull on a comfortable, plain black pair of slacks and a t-shirt, and cover them with a "Ritz Adult Skeleton Apron" from Amazon or a specialty shop. Apply some pale makeup, and you'll look scary, indeed! In addition, you could always get a toy skull to carry along with you! There are other, similar aprons you could choose, instead. For example, you may want the Ritz apron with the Mummy on the front (perfect for a new Mommy!), or the "Ritz Adult Witch Hostess Apron."

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Buy Halloween Kits from Amazon

One of the simplest things you can do is buy a cute Halloween outfit that is ready to wear and in a kit. For example, you could purchase the "Sienna Rose Witch Adult One-Size" witches' costume. Of course, if you have a recent graduate in your home, you might try donning their graduation robe and picking up a witches' hat at a party supply store. Another fun choice is the "Star Wars Secret Wishes Princess Leia Costume" or the "Women's Adult Deluxe Marilyn," which is essentially a cheap copy of the famous white dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in the movie "Seven Year Itch." (By the way, the original dress recently sold for $4.5 million dollars!) Another fun kit is the "Women's Red Riding Hood Costume." This is a chance to dress as your favorite fairy tale character. Perhaps your husband or boyfriend could dress as The Big Bad Wolf!

Buy a Cheap Halloween Costume Wig

Pink Halloween WigCredit: www.amazon.com

Many specialty shops also sell a wide variety of colorful and crazy wigs that can entirely change your appearance. You can do something modest such as using a wig to change your natural hair color, such as becoming a redhead if you are currently a brunette. However, why make a small change? Halloween is the time when you can do something really wild and go with a bright orange Mohawk, a hot pick wig, or some other crazy style. Halloween is the perfect time to literally let down your hair and try something new! Any outfit you choose to wear with your cheap wig will be your chance to get creative with your homemade Halloween costume.

Choose a Risqué Look for Halloween

If you are young and shapely, and maybe even if you aren't, you might want to try an outfit that is a little flirty and low cut. Whether you decide to wear a short, tight dress and high heels that are totally different from your normal conservative style, or you are able to find a French maid's outfit or something similar from a specialty shop, you are sure to attract attention with your new risqué look. Kick up your heels a little on Halloween!

Homemade Halloween Costumes

If you want to make a cute outfit of your own, Amazon and other companies also sell costume patterns. One example is the "Simplicity Sewing Pattern 2486" which is the pattern for ghost costumes. Don't just cut some eyes into an old sheet. Use a pattern and put together creative Halloween costumes that your friends will want to borrow! Another fun pattern you may want to try is the "Simplicity Genie Costume." The Simplicity Pattern Company also has patterns for costumes from the Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and creative Halloween costumes that will be appropriate for a Renaissance festival. You can even create your own Christmas costumes using the "Simplicity Holiday Christmas Costumes for Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elf." These outfits can do double duty. You can dress up as Mrs. Santa Claus or an Elf for Halloween, and wear the same costume on Christmas!

Raid Your Own Closet

Do you still have an old wedding dress hanging in the closet ... or have you seen one in a thrift store? Halloween is a wonderful time to apply a little white makeup to your face and show up at the costume parties as a ghostly bride! Do you have an old evening gown? Grab a cheap tiara from a party supply store, and go as a member of the royal family.

Raid a Friend's Closet

Finally, if you don't like to sew, don't want to spend money, and don't have anything in your own closet that would work as a cheap Halloween costume, check out the closets of your friends or relatives. Or, if you can spend just a little money, go to a thrift store and check out the old clothes they have for sale! With a little exploring, you may be able to find a great 80's jacket with huge shoulder pads, a 1960's style mini skirt or bell bottom pants, an old evening gown, or some other clothes that are totally out of style! Remember, one person's junk is another person's treasure.

Have a wonderful Halloween!

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