Halloween costumes can be expensive. Even renting them can pack a pricey punch. So, maybe this year you should take a look at homemade Halloween costumes. Homemade Halloween costumes can be as cheap as you make them to be.

You can still end up spending a lot of money if you aren’t careful. If you follow some clear rules, then you can make yourself a costume this year that won’t break the bank. First, use as much stuff as you already have.

You’d be surprised how many things you have in your house that could create a great costume. You just have to think outside of the box. One of the biggest problems with Halloween costumes is that people think of what they want to dress up as before they think about what they have.

Instead of thinking of your costume before you design it, take an inventory of what you have. If you have stuff to make a great mad scientist’s outfit, then don’t say that you want to be a squirrel. A squirrel costume just sounds expensive.

If you use what you have, then you won’t have to buy anything. Homemade Halloween costumes do not have to be made entirely with what you have at home. I would recommend you at least incorporate things you already have.

Still, if you need a few other things from the store, then you can get them. For instance, if you are making a robot costume, then you might have ninety-percent of the costume already at your disposal.

All you might need is some silver spray paint and some pipe cleaners. This is a pretty great costume. First, you take a box that you can fit over your torso. You cut a hole in the bottom of it so your head can fit through, and cut holes in the sides for your arms.

Then the box rests on your shoulders. Now, take the box off and set it on the ground outside. Take some silver spray paint and turn that box silver. Now let it dry. When it’s dry you can start gluing things to it. Old pieces of electronics are great.

If you have an old broken computer, then you can put some of the chips onto the outside of the box. You can use dryer hoses for the arms. Just glue them to the arm holes and have them extend to the length of your wrists.

Then, cut a small hole at the end for your thumb to go through. Now, take a strainer from your kitchen and start poking pipe cleaners into it. If you don’t like the look of colored pipe cleaners then you can spray paint them silver too. Just make sure you don’t spray paint them while they’re on your strainer.

This is just one example of a costume. There are plenty of other great creative homemade Halloween costumes that you can create. Just check around your house and see what costume pieces you have lying around.