One of the first big events for children after the new school year begins is Halloween, but costume shops can be extremely expensive. After all, it's just one night and spending a fortune on an outfit that is often never worn again can put families in financial straits especially if more than one child resides in a home. This season, homemade halloween costumes for girls are trendy and it can be easier to make one than one thinks.

Many costumes reflect movies that are "all the rage" in theaters throughout the year. One of the favorites this year for all ages has been the movie "Avatar." The costume itself is easy because it is made up of shorts and sleeveless t-shirts.

WitchWhat sets these characters apart, however, is the makeup. For a girl that's willing to set through an extensive make-over session, this is a costume that could win prizes at the local festival. All one needs to do is to study the pictures on the cover of the DVD or the Internet then replicate it.

The pointed ears can either be purchased fairly inexpensively or can be made of material that has wiring threaded along the edges so it can be shaped. It's important, however, to make sure they're the same color as the makeup in order to make them look like natural features. Add a tail to the pants and you're all done.

Many little girls are still enthralled with the princess theme. For many getting to become a different princess each year is exciting and fulfills their fantasies. However, needing a full-blown princess dress is not necessarily required. Any long dress with a full skirt will do. This includes taking one of mom's shorter dresses and adding a sash to the waist.

By gluing glitter, beads, and jewels in interesting patterns, your little one is immediately transformed into the princess of her dreams. Of course, the tiara makes the look and they can be purchased relatively inexpensively from any discount store. Spray painting shoes gold and gluing on glitter will add the perfect finishing touches.

For easy costume ideas history is filled with options that are fairly easy to achieve. For example, the sheath of the Grecian woman requires very little sewing ability and they can be combined with Roman for a unique look. The look is in the details. Strips of gold ribbon are crisscrossed across the chest then encircle at the waist and tied.

This sets Grecian's apart from Roman's who traditionally belted their garments at the waist only. This is a costume where sandals are most appropriate, but the final touch is what identifies this costume as Greek or Roman. By using a glue gun to attach the same material and beading over a tiara, a headpiece can be created giving a Cleopatra type look that's hard to beat.

Many little girls are enthralled with the fairy look, woodland fairies, and that like. These are especially easy since all that is required is fairy wings and a wreath of greenery for the head, often available from the yard. To make the wings simply take a long piece of wire (5 feet for a small child up to 10 feet for an adult) and shape into a large circle then duct tape the ends.

Shape into a figure eight then shape each part into wings duct-taping the center to hold it in place. Cover each wing with a cutoff pair of pantyhose then tie in the center back. By securing two pieces of elastic to the center, wings can be slipped on easily.

The wings can be decorated with an assortment of sparkly objects or spray painted in such a way as to make them unique. The child can wear almost anything to become the fairy of her dreams.

Any holiday can be expensive, but there's no reason for a child to feel left-out. There are many homemade halloween costumes for girls to choose from and this is the perfect time to allow their imaginations to go wild.

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