Inspiring Ice Cube Trays

When it comes to getting your drink on, there's no time for fooling around with lame cubes of ice. Step up your game, get creative, and have more fun. These ice cube trays will probably blow your mind without blowing a hole in your wallet. If you are like me, you've probably never thought of how much ice cube trays cost, so why am I even talking about it? Well, I guess you could say I'm just tired of buying gigantic bags of ice that suffer from freezer burn. Having some custom ice cube trays is a huge step-up from a big bag of ice, right?

These can be awesome for themed parties, and kids birthdays if you so wish.

Anyway, here are some funky Ice Cube Trays

For Mathematic Parties - the Pi Cube Tray

Ice Cube Tray 1

The Tetris Ice Cube Tray

Creative ice cube trays

Tipsy Toes - High Heeled Ice Cubes

cube tray party

For the child in you - Dinosaur Ice Cubes


Fish Bones Ice Cubes

Titanic/Battleship, Gin & Tonic Ice Cubes


Be a rockstar with Guitar Ice Cubes!


Golf Ball Ice Cubes


And many more!






When it comes to ice, we don't mess around!

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