When Halloween comes around, nothing gets more exciting than dressing up like one's favorite character and going around the neighborhood for some sweet treats. Some people tend to never outgrow this practice and still go trick-or-treating during Halloween the way kids do. Topping the list of outfits adults don during this time of the year are Lord of the Rings Halloween costumes.

Everyone knows about the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Not everyone might have watched it, but there is probably no single soul on the face of the Earth who has not heard about this story.

Because of that, donning a getup that comes from its movie version is going to be really interesting. Here are some of the options for those who wish to strut any Lord of the Rings Halloween costumes.

1. Frodo - This perky and bright-eyed hobbit is a favorite of the many followers of the trilogy, especially that of the female part of the population. It is easy to look like Frodo with the right kind of clothes, which is generally what most hobbits wear. This includes a shirt, waistcoat, cloak and knee-length breeches. Adding a wig of thick and brown curls makes the whole look completely Frodo.

2. Legolas - This elf from the Woodland Realm plays an important role in the story since he is one of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring. To appear like Legolas, all it takes are a cloak, belt, tunic and boot tops. Carrying a bow can complete the entire Legolas impersonation.

Lord of the Rings Costume3. Gandalf - A dignified persona as Gandalf deserves the highest effort in impersonating. With the right kind of robe and matching cloak accessorized with a matching belt and a sword, one can be Gandalf in a couple of minutes. A short wig and white beard is going to make the entire ensemble perfect for the role.

4. Aragorn - The costume for an Aragorn impersonator needs nothing more than the basics of the early times. This includes the tunic, cloak, belt and boot tops.

5. Gollum - Looking like Gollum is an easy feat. There are a number of masks designed to look a lot like that of Gollum's appearance. The harder part of the show is being able to play the part of Gollum for the entire trick-or-treat session.

These are just some of the Lord of the Rings Halloween costumes to pick from. They are available in the stores and specialty shops, but it is also possible to make one for use during trick-or-treating.

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