Many parents are looking for different, unique, and creative nursery ideas for their baby’s room. Review the concise list below for some great ideas to help you set your baby’s nursery apart from the rest.

1. Wall Stripes

More and more parents are painting stripes on their nursery walls to add a fun and unique accent. This is definitely a good place to start when considering creative nursery ideas. Most paint and hardware stores sell kits that make painting stripes on the wall much easier than most would consider it to be. Keep in mind that most nurseries feature paint stripes vertically, not horizontally. Vertical stripes help to stretch the height of the room visually. Also, vertical stripes interfere less with nursery wall hangings. After creating a nursery color palette, choose one of the softer colors and use it to create stripes. This is becoming one of the more popular creative nursery ideas which is why I listed it first.

Nursery Wall MuralCredit: AlphaTangoBravo Adam Baker

2. Wall Sticker Murals

Wall stickers are becoming a very popular decoration for kid’s bedrooms of all ages. Some parents are even choosing to cover entire walls with large wall sticker murals. These murals will typically cost over $100, depending on the size of the wall you need covered. Before buying remember to ensure that the wall you intend to cover will not be blocked by furniture. Also, make sure you will not want to hang other images on the wall such as family pictures. A wall covered in a wall sticker mural does not take other hung decorations very easily, they often look out of place. (The image above of a great, smaller wall sticker mural is courtesy AlphaTangoBravo/Adam Baker.)

3. Painted Ceilings   

This is another of the creative nursery ideas that has become more popular in recent years. I have seen painted nursery ceilings mostly as patterns and less often as a solid color. The main concern here is that you make an effort to create a more calming pattern. A busy, bright, multi-colored pattern will catch the baby’s attention too easily and possibly make it challenging for him or her to sleep. If you are seriously considering choosing this as one of the creative nursery ideas that will work in your nursery, try to use an appropriate accent color. As with wall stripes, choose a lighter color from your nursery color palette and test patterns at the Colour Lovers website.

4. DIY Wall Hangings

I have written about this in other nursery articles but it demands attention when discussing creative nursery ideas as well. Find some great photos in your own collection or visit photo sharing sites like Flikr and find some great images that match your theme and color scheme. Once you have identified about four images that work well in your nursery, print them out and frame them. Frames can be found at Target or on Amazon for pretty cheap. Most parents are looking to save money when implementing creative nursery ideas and you can do this for under $100. Once you have framed these images, arrange them in a square with about two inches between each frame. You can also line the images up vertically or horizontally depending on the wall space you’re working with. If you’re working on a budget (and who isn’t) put this at the top of your list of creative nursery ideas.

Hopefully, you were able to use this short list of creative nursery ideas to get the ballrolling on making a unique baby’s nursery.