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Storing jewelry often means putting it away in boxes, cupboards and wardrobes. However, this invariably means that you could easily forget which items you own. This is a real shame because lovely items are then neglected and forgotten about. An excellent alternative solution is to make your accessories the center of attention in your room. From making creative DIY displays, to just keeping your jewelry out of drawers more, you will rediscover your collection and get some fresh fashion inspiration in time for summer.

We all like to change up our accessories, and varying your jewelry items is undoubtedly a great way to achieve this. But think how much more you would use your collection of jewelry if it was out on display. In addition, I know that I am able to enjoy and appreciate my accessories collection more when I can see specific items all of the time. These four jewelry storage ideas offer exciting visual solutions, to add to walls or to provide a creative touch to a table. Many of the items mentioned are also multi-functional, meaning you could use them for other purposes too. Starting with my first suggestion below, which is a cake stand.

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 1. Cake Stands

Cake stands are a really lovely and elegant way to display your jewelry in your home. They do not have to be restricted to a vanity or dressing table in the bedroom either. Place your cake stand in a hallway by a door or even in a living room. Cake stands or any stacked plates will help you to categorize your most worn jewels or necklaces by color or size. The stands allow ample room for necklaces which would normally get tangled up easily in bracelets or other delicate gold or silver items.

From ceramic to plastic, glass or cardboard to metal, there is a vast array of varying styles of cake stands out there on the market[2]. You could match one to your decor, cushions, curtains or other fabrics around your room. Perhaps you would even like to coordinate your cake stand with the color scheme in your kitchen instead. 

Using a cake stand for jewelry displaying purposes adds a fresh, bright and whimsical element to a room. It also radiates a real feminine touch, not to mention it shows an awareness of interior design and styling too.

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2. Boards Or Frames

Using a large notice board or photo frame to store jewelry on, is especially good for displaying long necklaces. Necklaces with charms on them or little beads can often be quite fiddly to put on, let alone to find ways to best store them. This wall display not only keeps them on show for easy access, it also highlights the lovely colors, shapes and patterns that may be present in your jewelry collection too. 

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Use ordinary or decorative drawing pins to put up lots of smaller items of jewelry quickly and easily. Alternatively, corks from bottles glued onto the frame surface make great light weight handles for the jewelry to hang from. You could even paint the corks first too. I like using drawing pins because I can change around my display frequently and vary the contents in the different seasons. Framed jewelry displays are versatile and multi-functional because you could still use the drawing pins to attach notes, pictures and photos. Doing this would add more character to your jewelry board too.

Below is a great DIY video on how to make your own DIY necklace frame from YouTuber Elle Fowler. 

Why not make your frame a center piece in a living room or a feature on a wall in a bedroom. From small frames to large ones, your wall display will catch the light and look lovely in any room. I especially like using smaller frames for my bracelets, and I have two of these frames up on my walls. I like how it helps to store them more easily, but also how it helps me decide which ones to wear by color and size. Often, when accessories are kept hidden away in drawers, you may forget about them! This way, they are always in your eye line and you will get far more use out of your purchases.

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3. Trays

Classic and elegant small trays are great not only for storing your keys and small change in, but also for displaying your smaller accessories such as earrings and bracelets. I like to keep one of these smaller decorative trays on my bedside table for tiny earrings and my most frequently worn bracelets.

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Place one by the door, on your bedside table, on a bookshelf or desk for a feminine and practical storage solution to display your accessories.





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4. Wall Hooks

This idea is similar to the wall boards or frames that you can create which were mentioned in tip number two. However, this time, simple hooks are used on their own. You can find these hooks individually at hardware stores. I like to use door handles and door knobs from department stores for making this creative solution. Whilst you could combine the wall hooks or door knobs in a photo frame or on a board, I have a few that are simply attached to the wall, which act as statement accessory hangers.

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You could purchase a ready made wall hook rack which is designed to be used for keys, or a larger one which would also be suitable for coats. This could be useful if you have much heavier metal fashion or costume jewelry items in your collection. You could even use a larger wall hook or rail to hang your belts from. However, there are some lovely glass and crystal door knobs, as well as bright plastic and lighter weight options out there too. Try exploring this idea further online and in home style and decor magazines for further inspiration.

Place your longer necklaces, scarves or larger handbags and accessories on these wall hooks for a creative and imaginative wall display. This looks great on a bedroom wall, as well as in an office space to brighten it up. 

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I hope that these simple and creative storage solutions for your jewelry gets you thinking about how to best display and arrange your accessories this summer around your home. It is much better to use and enjoy jewelry than for it to be stuck in a cupboard or drawer. You never know what ideas you may be able to come up with if you use your imagination and a little bit of ingenuity.