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Making your home a welcoming, warm and friendly place to be is not only great for when you have guests around. It is also important for your well being and to lift your own spirits. After a long and hard day at work, you want to return to a place that is your sanctuary and your escape from the world.

Do you walk in the door and struggle to find the light switch in the dark? Or maybe a table is in the way. Perhaps you never know quite where to put your keys or your shoes. Well fear not, because I have some nifty tips that you could utilize to improve your mood and the feeling you have when you walk in your front door.

You will hopefully feel more excited to get home in the evening and you will have more enthusiasm for the place in which you live. It it simply a case of making a choice to invest some time in making your home feel more welcoming. Both functionality and practical issues are considered in all of the following suggestions, so read on for some really useful home decor solutions.

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1. A Welcome Mat

Certainly a welcome mat is a great addition to make any home, flat or building feel inviting. However, it obviously serves a practical purpose too for wiping your feet. Sometimes your guests may have muddy shoes and feel embarrassed, but a small mat will make all the difference. When you first step foot over your threshold every day, you want to be reminded that your home is a special place and somewhere where you can relax with family and friends.

A welcome mat serves this purpose as well as functioning as a practical item. If you are seriously into home decor, then you could even change your welcome mat with the seasons or festivals. It could be lovely to have a red and white mat in the winter which says ‘merry Christmas’, or one with a message on such as ‘home sweet home’ or ‘welcome to all’ and so on. Match the color of your mat to your decor inside your front door as well so that it blends in more seamlessly.

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2. Lighting

Lighting is crucial when you walk through the front door. You need a switch which is easily accessible, and a light which is not too bright that it feels garish or overwhelming for your eyes. You want to be able to feel soothed and calm when you get home, and bright lights often do not cut it. Choose a small decorative lamp which you could position on a shelf, small table or cupboard near to the door.

If you can find a lamp which is compatible with energy saving bulbs then this would be even better for the environment, and the light should not be too bright for your eyes either.



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3. Keys And Money Bowl

It is something that no home should be without, and that is a small bowl for your loose change and keys! This seems like such as simple suggestion, yet lots of people do not have one specific place where they will always leave their keys. This is how keys and other items can go missing, and when you are in a rush trying to go out the door, the last thing you need is to be unable to find your door or car keys.

Having one specific bowl which you will always put them in, is not only a great time saver; it will also help to jog your memory every time you need to look for them. This is great if you are forgetful or extremely busy and on the go all the time. The bowl that I use is a decorative one from a holiday and I really like the bright coloring of it. It is lovely to associate your bowl with a happy time or happy memories because again, the minute you walk in the door you can be transported to a good place mentally, and your day will hopefully melt away.

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4. Jars Of Flowers Or Sweets

I know that I certainly love to walk through the front door to see a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers every day. However, this can quickly get to be an expensive idea. The good news is that there are some very realistic and pretty faux flowers out there on the market and changing them up every so often means you will not be able to tell the difference.

Alternatively, a small bowl of mints or breath fresheners by the door could be a nice and simple touch. Perhaps you would like to place a glass jar with colorful and brightly wrapped sweets in it. This is a lovely touch for people who have guests coming over frequently. I always have a bowl of either nuts, berries, or snacks out in my main living space for guests to enjoy too.

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It is a welcoming touch and means that if your guests are hungry for something little, that they do not have to ask. Even if you do not eat sweets, then perhaps filling a jar or bowl with some mints would be a good alternative.

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5. Ornaments, Photos, Candles And Mirrors

Lastly, we approach the section where you can really inject some personality to your home and door way or entrance. A mirror by the door will really brighten up the area when the light catches on it and it reflects this. A mirror will help to give the illusion that your space is even larger and roomier as well. Not to mention that a mirror is very useful for final appearance checks before heading out the door too. You could purchase smaller and more quirky mirrors, or a large decorative one with a thicker border to it. In addition, placing photographs around your hall entrance can be a lovely and instant reminder of the people you love when you come in and out of your home each day. Place them on a counter or table surface nearby, or hang them on the wall adjacent to the door.

Candles too, could be lit in the evenings in your hallway but remember that they should never be left to burn unattended[1]. However, even scented candles can release a lovely aroma to your hall way, even when they are not lit. If you would prefer not to have candles because perhaps you have small children or pets in your home, then potpourri which is dried flowers and plant materials will release an equally refreshing and floral scent to fill your home. Ensure that you place it on a high up shelf out of the reach of children and pets.

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Ornaments will show your personality off to family and friends. Perhaps you have one which takes you back to childhood which would add some humor and fun to your entrance hall. On the other hand, maybe you have some ornaments which reflect your love of ballet or even of animals. 

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If you are struggling with how to tie all these different ideas together, then look for similarities between your pieces. For example, does your ornament have a specific color in it, perhaps the photo frame edging does too. Maybe the lampshade you have could tie in with this color scheme as well.

Think about texture, coloring, patterns and shapes in order to link your items for the display and in order to produce some kind of visual thematic continuity. As you can observe in the accompanying image, all the items from the clock, vase, ball, white plate and even the shelf, have textural detailing. It is this element which I think ties them all together nicely, even though their colors and patterning is different.

I hope that these five tips can help to provide you with some interior design inspiration. Remember that there is no time like the present to get started on revamping your home organization systems. It could be an ongoing creative project for you to develop in the long term as well.