Creative Outdoor Lighting

Too many people make the heinous mistake of working on a garden, fitted out with gazebo, bird bath and the like while neglecting proper lighting. Considering that your garden is somewhere that you want to be accessible to you at any time, it is a silly thing to not invest in nice lighting to show it off to its best advantage. If you do want to make your garden shine like it deserves, here are a few creative ways for you to brighten it up:

String lights:

LED strand lights, with small bulbs and closely strung together make any gazebo seem enchantingly pretty. The positive things about this are that they're relatively inexpensive, and small enough to be unobtrusive. You can also string them up in creative ways, bunch them together all around the eaves or just down columns, or even make an interlacing roof out of just strings of light, for a brighter effect.

Paper lanterns:

Decorated with pressed flowers, painted or printed, paper lanterns can be easily fitted with a low voltage bulb and strung up in the centre of your gazebo to be a steady source of light. You can also buy smaller ones that can be hung at corners or even small glass votive holders that you string from the branches of the nearest tree.


Candles are versatile, especially in the shapes and types that you get today. You could make the most of a garden pond or small fountain by floating candles in it; scented candles add to the atmosphere of your gazebo and of course, oriental candle lanterns can be suspended from the ceiling. The best thing about a candle is that the light it emits is particularly conducive the kind of interplay between light and shadow that is what makes the magical palpable, in reality.

The key to garden lighting and gazebo decoration is to be as creative as possible, and to play to the strengths of your garden.