With the advent of MTV in the 80s the music video became another medium to reach audiences. Some bands simply stood in front of the camera, but others, especially modern bands, have taken a different approach. The modern music video can be used to complement or enhance the underlying lyrics of the song and one of the most unique ways to make your music video stand out is by using animation. Some bands use the more difficult stop-motion process, while others prefer the hand-drawn animated characters. Either way, animated music videos always seem to grab the eye if only for their instrinsic artistic expression. The following artists and videos are some of the more creative and unique music videos in the rock and metal genres.

***WARNING: Explicit content, some of the songs and videos may not be suitable for all audiences.


A band that has never shied away from pushing boundaries, Tool has a legion of fans that is almost cult-like. They take forever to release albums, but when they do they are received with great enthusiasm. Guitarist and former movie graphics artist, Adam Jones, helps create Tool's music videos that further distinguish Tool from the rest of the metal pack. Stop-motion animation combined with dark imagery create a piece of artwork unto its own. Have a look and see what you think.

Prison Sex


Pearl Jam

Another band whose career has spanned decades, one of their early and most creative music videos, Do the Evolution, is a scary portrayal of how technology and humans are becoming attached to each other. The video mirrors the lyrics and depicts, in graphic detail, the evolution of humankind. Be impressed, or be scared, but the video is pretty cool.

Do the Evolution


Prior to the tragic loss of guitarist, Paul Gray, Slipknot forged a powerful presence among the metal elite. After securing public notice, they made use of their image and their music videos to further their musical scope. An eye-catching band on stage with costumes consisting of jumpsuits and masks, Slipknot released its first couple of singles in 1999, one of which was Wait and Bleed.

Wait and Bleed

Green Jelly

An oldy but a goody and not currently active, Green Jelly was one of the bands Danny Carry participated in prior to joining Tool. They released a few albums among which had songs such as The Big Brown Bear and their own version The Three Little Pigs. Using claymation, the video for The Three Little Pigs is one of their best releases.

The Three Little Pigs


Successful grunge rockers Primus, renowned for writing the South Park theme song, mixed country with metal in their song Wynona's Big Brown Beaver. The song, taken from their 1995 album, Tales from the Punchbowl, features the band members dressed in plastic cowboy costumes intercut with animated sequences. The video was widely popular and was even nominated for a Grammy. The album also features another song, Southbound Pachyderm, that had a stop-motion video but the song lacks the same drive that Wynona's Big Brown Beaver has.

Big Brown Beaver

Southbound Pachyderm

Avenged Sevenfold

Hailing from Huntington Beach, California, USA, Avenged Sevenfold is one of the newer powerful metal bands out there. One song, A Little Piece of Heaven from their fourth studio album Avenged Sevenfold, is an epic 8-minute song about a relationship gone wrong. Not for immature viewers, the unofficial animated video is one of the better uses of the music video medium.

A Little Piece of Heaven