Creative Spa Gift Baskets

Creative Spa Gift Baskets

Spa Gift Baskets are a great idea for a gift for many people on your gift giving list. You can buy them pre made all set with the spa goodies, wrapped with bows if you have no time to create them yourself. They tend to be a little pricey when you pay someone else to do the work for you.

Or, with a little thought and planning, you can make them yourself and personalize them. You can create spa gift baskets for many men, women or teenagers on your list that will last months after the holiday and the receiver will think of you every time they get pampered at home.

Stock up on some of the supplies and start making your gift baskets early so you have plenty of time to enjoy the holiday.

Who would enjoy a spa gift basket?

A spa gift basket is a great gift choice for your mother, sister, aunt or friend as well as well groomed men, a teenager, your hairstylist, your babysitter, housecleaner, a new mom or teacher. A spa gift basket allows the recipient to get a pampering treatment in the comfort of their home and many people enjoy gift baskets.

You can make creative spa gift baskets in almost any price range depending on how many items you fill it with. Here are a few suggestions to get you inspired:

What you'll need:

Gift baskets

Basket Filler

Facial products

Facial sponges or washcloths

Small tea light candle or votive candle

Nail products

Bath and body products

Men's products



Clear tape

Gift tags

Personalized gifts

Creative Spa Gift Baskets for Spa Facials:

Prepare the gift basket by filling the bottom with filler to the top of the inside of basket.

Gather your facial products. For a spa facial you'll want to purchase a facial cleanser, facial toner and facial moisturizer suitable for the appropriate skin type. Choose a combination cleanser if you're completely unsure if you should buy for dry skin or oily skin.

Add the facial products to the basket and use the handle to hold the products in place, tape each product to the handle to secure.

Add small filler items such as a facial sponge or facial washcloth. Place them in between the facial products so they are visible from the front of the basket.

To get creative, add an eye gel mask or luxurious towel and small box of chocolates.

Finish with a small votive candle or tea light candle.

Place cellophane under your gift basket and measure how much you need to wrap around the basket and above the handle. Cut the cellophane and wrap the basket, gathering at top with a tied ribbon.

Add a gift bow and gift tag and your spa facial gift basket is ready to give.

Creative Spa Gift Baskets for Bath and Body:

This gift basket focuses on Bath and Body care. Using your gift basket, fill the bottom with filler. Choose a matching color of the products you purchase.

Add a body exfoliator scrub, a body moisturizer and pair of slippers as your main products.

Always tape the products to the handle or each other with clear tape to secure them.

Fill in the small areas of the bath and body gift basket with a pumice stone, toenail clippers and loofah sponge or bath sponge.

Include a music CD and bath salts for added luxury items.

Wrap with cellophane, a bow and gift tag.

Creative Spa Gift Baskets for Beautiful Nails:

Choose this gift basket for the gal that always has the perfect manicure and allow her to pamper herself with a home manicure!

Your gift basket with filler would include products to do a home manicure such as nail polish remover, cotton pads, several holiday colored nail polishes and nail file.

Arrange the nail products so that they are all visible from the front of the gift basket.

Fill in the smaller areas between products with a pack of nail stencils, manicure scissors and top coat nail polish.

Add your favorite movie or music

Wrap the gift basket with cellophane when you like how it looks or rearrange the items so it's appealing add a big bow and gift tag.

Creative Spa Gift Baskets for Him:

Many men appreciate a spa experience and you could create a nice holiday gift for him with his own gift basket of manly goods.

Find a gift basket suitable for any man and fill with natural filler up to the level of the basket interior.

Choose a facial wash for men, several new washcloths and the hottest new razor or cologne.

Tape all the pieces securely and fill in with a GQ magazine and great pair of comfy socks.

Creative Spa Gift Baskets for Teenagers:

Young girls usually love to pamper themselves like Mom does and they'd love a great basket of goodies all their own.

Choose a gift basket suitable for a young teenager (coordinate the color of the bedroom or bathroom if you know it) and fill with filler or tissue paper until the interior is covered.

Buy the teenager a facial wash and moisturizer suitable for young skin that will teach proper skin care at an early age.

Add a fancy holiday nail polish and nail buffer.

Include a few hair products such as a nice comb and brush set, ponytail holders or hair band or hair clips.

A journal and pretty pen compliment the spa gift basket.

Add some chocolates scattered throughout the basket to finish.

You can design creative spa gift baskets for almost anyone with a little imagination about the person, what they might or already like and presenting it in a beautiful way. Think of people who love hair, nails or makeup, always look well groomed, the person that loves to get pampered and the person that works very hard. These people would really appreciate a thoughtful gift such as a spa gift basket from you.

Use some of these ideas to get you started thinking about your gift list and start searching for the baskets, fillers and products to make your own spa gift baskets. Have fun!