Thanksgiving Table Decorating and Preparation Tips

How to Prepare Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving centerpiece

The week prior to Thanksgiving is a great time to consider setting the table and what you will require for letting it look extra special. For instance, take a walk and accumulate natural materials for a centerpiece. At the same time, you could plan to use these details for a Christmas wreath. Leaves and pinecones are quick to find or, if you dwell in a city, visit your local garden center.

 Fine-Looking Centerpieces

Here are some tips for a Thanksgiving centerpiece from the simple to the lavish, based on how much time you prefer to dedicate to it.

1. On a polished wooden table, fill up a wooden bowl, large platter, basket, or tray using a variety of polished apples and pears sur­rounded by nuts, dates, figs, pineapple, and grapes. Utilize wooden candleholders using earth-colored candles.

2. Cover your table using a pretty tablecloth and make use of any inter­esting country container, a rustic basket, a crock, or an antique tin to carry dried flowers in the colors found in the tablecloth. Surround it using votive candle holders.

3. Arrange a diversity of leaves in the center of the table and top with brilliantly varnished gourds in various sizes and shapes. Lift out a hole in the tops of petite pumpkins or squash to contain candles at different heights.

Autumn theme

4. For a formal table setting, spray artificial fruit using gold paint and set up in a glass bowl. Use a white linen tablecloth, nap­kins, and white candles in glass candleholders. Or, when you are in a crafting mood, spray-paint little terra-cotta pots with the gold to contain fat white candles.

5. For an interesting tablecloth, use a couple of yards of dense unbleached muslin. Pre-wash it and do not iron it. The fabric would have the nice soft crinkly look frequently found in old quilts. Fill up an interesting container with grapefruit, oranges, lemons, and limes and put in sprigs of holly branches, pine,  or tied bundles of cinna­mon sticks in between the fruit.

6. Create a pinecone basket. All you need is a good-size bas­ket, a bundle of pinecones, and a hot glue gun. Set up the pinecones in rows around the basket and glue in position so the whole outside of the basket is clothed with the pinecones. Fill the basket using fresh sprigs of fir or pine branches, set up polished red apples on top, and scatter a couple of cranberries over the greens. Tie the handle using a wide, French wired ribbon in a deep hunter green or cranberry color having gold edges.

7. Fresh cranberries make a fantastic centerpiece. Fill a pretty bowl (white or red and white) with cranberries. Set the bowl on lace place mat or a paper doily in the center of the table. Surround the bowl using evergreens and put tapered candles in the cranberry bowl.

8. A nice table dressing is a placement of three pots of fresh herbs on the center of a country table. Use crisp white nap­kins tied using green ribbon and tuck a sprig of evergreen under every piece. Use white plates and place a white votive candle at every place setting.

9. Paper-white bulbs inside a low terra-cotta pot make an elegant and simple centerpiece and would last throughout the winter.

10. For another white theme, fill a glass vase or large white pitcher using French tulips (all white if available), or the next best, pale pink. You could also insert three or four stems of freesia in a stem holder laid in the center of a large white bowl.


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