Mouse pads are mainly known for their use with computer mouses. They are known for creating a smooth surface to glide your mouse over. They are known for protecting your desk from the mouse scratching it. They are known for decoration. They are also known for comfort, in some cases. However, mouse pads have more uses than just a surface on your desk. If you have some old mouse pads, or just have too many, and are looking for some useful things to do with them, then this article will give you a few ideas. One great use for mouse pads is a pad under houseplants. Plants in the house are beautiful to look at and to smell, however, they can create quite a mess. With the dirt and everything, it's not always easy to find something suitable to put underneath them to protect your carpets and furniture and the rest of your room. Try using an old mouse pad. It's a smooth surface. It's easy to brush off. Also, you can use decorative ones in order for it to look nicer! Another great use is to use it as a stamp. When I first heard this, I did not really understand, but after learning more about it, I think it is a very cool idea. Take the mouse pad, and get some cookie cutters or stencils. Trace any shape you want on to the mouse pad, then simply cut it out. Get some ink, and you can stamp the old mouse pad cut outs into the ink, and then stamp them on paper. It's very creative and you can reuse them. Find stencils and cookie cutters at places like Wal-Mart and keep making fun designs that you see! Finally, a great way to use mouse pads is as cabinet stoppers, or feet for furniture. If you do not want your cabinet door slamming, then you can use a mouse pad to make it stop more smoothly. Take a mouse pad and cut it into small circles or squares, whatever size or shape you want! Then, simply apply them to your cabinets. You could also use them as stoppers or furniture feet. Again, just cut up the size and shape you need, then apply them to the bottom of your furniture. It's always fun to find uses for old things that you don't need any more, or to find uses for something you have too much of. Recycling is a great way to help the environment. When you can find creative uses for things, it kills two birds with one stone!