Easy To Do Valentines Day Gifts

 Here are some creative Valentines day gift ideas and most important they're easy to do. Some of the items can be as gifts or made for fun. If you want to do something creative for Valentines Day, this list should inspire you.
I’m Bananas For You
A cute little gift idea. A cellophane bag filled with banana hard candy and a cut out monkey with the message reading “I’m banana’s for you”. You can also substitute the hard candy for real banana chips for a healthy option.
Valentines Day Bake Sale Idea
This is great for a bake sale and practical too. Two decorated cupcakes on top of each other (layered) in a clear cup with a cover and a spoon tied to the cup with a red ribbon.
Decorated Water Bottle and Juice Valentines Day Gift
This is simple. Replace the water bottles label with a Valentines label, add ribbons and a powdered juice packet with directions to mix the powder with water to make juice, and add a Valentines day message.
52 Reason I love You
This is cute. A card deck with two punched holes, attached together with o rings. Each card has a message attached to it, 52 messages. You can be really creative here!
You Blow Me Away
Plastic flutes with a message attached to it by a ribbon saying “You Blow Me Away”.
Love Pepperoni Pizza
Great idea. You can make the pizza from scratch and cut the pepperoni’s into hearts or your can buy already made pizza and take the pepperoni off and cut them into hearts. I did this for my kids for dinner without them knowing and they were pleasantly surprised to see the hearts.
I’ve Had My Eye On You
Too cute! A magnifying glass attached to a card that reads. “Hey Valentine, I had my eye on you”. The glass is directly over the “Hey Valentine”. (magnifying those words)
Valentines Day Nail Polish Designs
Get in the spirit with decorating your nails. Red and white polka dot designs. All you need is red and white nail polish and a tooth pick for the dots and rotate the colors.
Conversation Piece
A fabulous decoration. A candle in a large candle glass filled with valentines day conversation candies around the candle.
Pop Rocks
Pop rock candy in a clear cellophane bag with a message that reads “You rock Valentine”.
Strawberry Heart Cake
Beautiful presentation and delicious too. One layer red velvet cake shaped like a heart with cream cheese frosting on top (not on sides of cake). Then, whole strawberries are place on top of the frosting then drizzled with chocolate.
Valentines Cupcakes
Another cute idea! Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, and Valentines conversation candies on top.
Valentines Day Party Table
If your throwing a valentines day party, this candy table is perfect. Glasses and vases are filled with cotton candy, marshmallows, punch juice, and there are cupcake and cookie displays. Everything is color coordinated and decorated with ribbons and hearts. The decorative balls hanging above the table are made out of paper plates that are stapled together and spray painted pink. (unless you can find pink paper plates.)
Cookies with Bikini’s
Heart shaped sugar cookies are decorated with fondue to make bathing suits. (When the heart is turned upside down, it gives the illusion of a voluptuous figure) Another option can be frosting instead of fondue.

I'm Bananas For You

Creative Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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52 Reasons I Love You Card Deck

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You Blow Me Away

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Love Pepperoni Pizza


I Had My Eye On You

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Pop Rocks

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Strawberry Heart Cake

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Bikini cookies

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