Looking for some creative ways to give gift cards this year for Christmas, Birthdays or other special occasions?  Are you trying to disguise them so they don’t look so boring?  Then here are a few simple ideas to add fun to that boring little gift card, and make it look like you did put some thought into a gift.

Clothing Gift Cards for Teens – Purchase a small piece of clothing such as underwear or socks or something totally boring that they hate getting.  Socks actually work out well because even if they think it is a boring gift chances are it is a gift that will still work its way to the dresser and still be used.

Take your gift card and stuff it in one of the socks, then wrap the socks up in a small box and ooh and ahhh over the socks when they pull them out of the package.  They will first look at you and be thinking “as if” then they will find the card and give you lots of hugs especially if you picked the right store. (that part is really important!)

Electronic Gift Cards – Find a DVD movie that you think they will like.  This could be a classic or something you think they would like to add to their collection and then open it and place the gift card inside with the movie.  This will put a smile on their face when they thought they were just getting the movie.  It is a great way to dress up the card.

Drug Store Gift Card – As you know many drug stores have a full line of makeup, skin care and more, so this can make a great gift idea for any age.  One great way to show them you did put some thought into it, instead of just handing them the gift card is to hide it in a simple purchase such as a box of chocolates.

They get the treat as well as the pleasant surprise when they open the chocolates.  (Make sure the chocolates don’t get overheated as the card may not work with chocolate all over it!)  If you are giving the gift right away, you can hide the card in a bouquet of nice flowers.  Or consider purchasing a small makeup bag or travel bag and place the card in there.  A small portable jewelry travel pouch makes a great spot too!

Christmas Gift Cards – If you don’t just want to hand them the card, then you can get creative with the packaging.  Try and think of something that can be useful instead of just wrapping paper such as a nice scarf, or if you are creative you could make a small Christmas stocking and place the gift card inside. 

Mittens make a great place to put a gift card.  You could get them a mitten and scarf set so that they will be pleasantly surprised by the card when they try on the mitts.  Handing them a boxed gift, all wrapped and with a bow, looks like a nice gift rather than the tiny card.  It doesn’t have to cost you a lot more either.  You can even visit the dollar store to get ideas for holding this card.

Sporting Goods – If they like to fish you could get them a tackle box and place the card inside so they can go shopping to fill it.  The same with most other sports, you can purchase a piece of equipment that can be used in their favourite sport and place the card inside somewhere.

Dollar Store – You can get all kinds of trinket boxes, fancy bottles and more that are perfect for holding gift cards.  Get creative.  They also will sell unfinished little jewelry boxes, you could finish for them as part of the gift. 

You don’t have to spend much to put a smile on their face and disguise that boring old gift card.  Everyone knows what it is when you just hand them a Christmas card.  So, get a bit creative and come up with a container.   Just walk up and down the aisles of the dollar store or discount store to see what you can find. 

If you have put most of your present budget into this card, then you can find simple things for about a dollar to wrap it in.

Purchase a nice looking mug or drink glass and place the card inside of this and then wrap it.  Find out their favourite drink and purchase one with the card attached, or attach Creative Way to give Gift Cardsit to a bottle of wine or to lottery tickets.

Small Book – This is another creative way to give a gift card.  If you know them well then you can pick a book you know they would like, or how about a small book of inspirational quotes or small note book? A small pocket or purse sized book makes a great way to give a gift card.

Imagine (Mini Book, Gift Card Holder)Personal Transformation Books)

Night Out Cards - If you are stuck on what type of gift cards to get and are looking for creative ways to give gift cards instead of actual gifts, then consider creating a “night out” with gift cards.  Almost all stores and restaurants will offer these cards now, so you could get them dinner cards then they can head to the movies with movie cards, and even go bowling with gift cards from there. 

Take all of this and attach it to a homemade certificate offering free babysitting so they can enjoy these places.   This makes a great gift, especially for anyone on your list who simply has everything and would enjoy events instead of “things”.

There is nothing wrong with giving gift certificates or cards for Christmas, Birthdays or any other special occasion, but what can make them even nicer is coming up with a way to present them that looks like you put some thought into the gift.  This makes the gift card a pleasant surprise.

Gift cards can make great gifts.  The “giftee” can decide what they want with no fears of returns or pressure on you to figure out the right gift.  Just present them in a nice way and they will enjoy the wrapping as much as the gift.