If you have participated in any of the numerous tea parties over the last few years you would know that historical flags are the most prominent items on display at these events.These are flags that are often steeped in American history, and more specifically, the Revolutionary War.The striking image of the coiled rattlesnake and the bold warning of "Don't Tread On Me" are strong testaments to the message and overall objective of the Tea Party Movement.The rattlesnake image and the ominous warning are a metaphor for Tea Partiers who believe in limited government and the freedom of the individual from an overtly intrusive federal government who is far outside its perimeters established in the Constitution.

The most popular tea party flags are the Gadsden Flag, the First Navy Jack Flag and the Culpeper Flag.All three flags feature the Eastern Timber Rattlesnake and the motto "Don't Tread On Me."The Gadsden Flag is yellow and by far the most prevalent flag at any tea party rally.The First Navy Jack Flag has red and white horizontal stripes.The Culpeper Flag is white and includes the words "Culpeper Minutemen," as well as the Patrick Henry clarion call of "Liberty or Death."

Of course, the popular way to display these flags at tea parties are by using a simple pole or pipe.Most people prefer to use 3/4-to-1" PVC piping, as it is incredible lightweight, easy to manage and flexible. These pipes can be broken down into small pieces for easier transport if connector sleeves are used; something that a wooden pole cannot do.To connect the flags to your pipe either use a rope to tie the flag to the pole through the flag grommets, or use a simple attachment called a snap hook.

Obviously, if are flying your tea party flag on your residential flagpole, simply attach your flag to the halyard rope and you are in business.Few things look better than a Gadsden Flag whipping in the wind in the front a home.

Another creative way to display these tea party flags is onboard your car.Car kits are available which allow you to slip any appropriately-sized flag over a plastic sleeve which connects to the back window in your car.Simply rolling up the window will secure the flag to the vehicle no matter how fast you go.If you do not have a residential flagpole or a car flag kit, hang your flag on the inside of a window on the front of your house for easy viewing; even a power-hungry HOA can't complain about a flag that's inside your home!

Other creative ways to display these flags include attaching your flag behind a glass basketball backboard.The coiled rattlesnake showing up through the see-though glass looks spectacular and you will no doubt receive a few positive comments from neighbors; not all neighbors of course!Flags can be attached to the top of a backyard umbrella, wrapped around large trees, and even secured underneath glass patio tables for all to see while enjoying that Fourth of July party.Clearly, for the creative, innovative person there are an endless number of ways to display these incredibly popular tea party flags.