Jewelry and scarves are huge in the accessory line up for fashions this year.  They can change the look of an outfit and express your personal style.  But have you ever noticed that somehow, magically, those long chains tie themselves into knots when you are not looking and one earring seems to go AWOL on a regular basis.  You would think they have a mind of their own.

If this is anything like my jewelry collection, some of the pieces end up at the bottom of the box or tangled on the dresser and never to be worn again.  You always seem to wear the same ones all the time, and yet you seem to have such a huge pile of metal and colour on your dresser collecting dust.creative ways to hang jewelryCredit:

Well there are creative ways to hang jewelry or store it, and yes it will take an afternoon to untangle and set it up, but it will be well worth it.  You may even save money as you discover pieces you purchased many moons ago that had disappeared into the abyss only to be uncovered today!

The best way to start this process is to take an afternoon and a cup of coffee and grab your tangled mess and any other boxes you have that house jewelry and clear a large space on a table or counter and slowly start the separation process.  As you pair up those earrings and untangle those chains, inspect them to see if they could use a cleaning with some jewelry cleaner.  Otherwise start to notice the pattern.  Do you own more chains than bracelets?  Do you have fishhook earrings or stud earrings?  This will help to decide the best type of storage for you.

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1. Hanging Closet Jewelry Storage

If your space is small and so is your budget, but you have a closet, then this style of storage would work well.  You can keep it where you can see it and easily decide what piece to wear with what outfit.  If your closet is jammed full, you may need to clean it out first, but if you do have the room, this is a perfect way to keep your accessories front and center and easily put on or take off at the end of the day, and just think how clean your dresser top will be.

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2. Over the Door - No Hardware Needed

This is a really creative way to hang jewelry.  You could use the back of your bedroom door or even inside the closet door, or the bathroom.  But if you own a lot of jewelry and have a door, this will utilize this space well.  It will be much easier to keep it organized for taking off as well as it will be near your clothes and other accessories.  At the end of the day, this storage is at eye level.  

It all depends on the type of pieces you own.  This particular setup may not be best if you own a lot of stud earrings, as from personal experience, if I have to try and attach them to something it doesn’t happen.  But as you can see this would be perfect for those fishhook earrings.

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3. Door or Wall Armoire

This is a much bigger storage system that is not only good for hanging jewelry but can store your other cosmetics too.  It actually has a mirrored front so it has multiple uses, and could not only clear off that tangled mess on your dresser but the bathroom vanity as well.  There are little shelves and everything in this system that also has a lock. 

You do have to secure this to the door or wall, so if you rent you will have to get permission but this is a perfect place to find extra storage.

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4. Free Standing Mirror Cabinet

You wouldn’t even think to look in here for your jewelry.  This would be a safe option if you wear a lot of pieces and have a significant investment in them and don’t want them on display. 

If you have the room in your bedroom, you could place this in a corner and not only checkout your outfit in the full length mirror that is adjustable but then open it to get the pieces you want to wear for that day.  It does hold a lot. It all depends how much jewelry you have and how much you are willing to invest.

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5. Fish Hook Style Earring Storage

If earrings are your biggest concern when it comes to creative ways to hang them or store them and you have the room on your dresser, then investing in something as simple as this acrylic folding frame would give you easy access to the pieces you want and you would not have to search in a pile for the matching earring that always seems to magically separate once taken off.

6. How to Hang Jewelry the DIY Way

As you can see in the video, if you love DIY or craft projects then this would be fun for you.  You just need to find a framed cork board, or you can simply frame your own cork board by heading to the thrift store for a large old frame you could paint, take out the glass and frame a piece of rolled cork or cork squares onto a backing board.  You could find knobs and hooks at the thrift store as well.

7. Front and Center and Very Chabby Chic DIY

This is a really awesome and creative way to hang jewelry; this takes it to the next level.  This piece becomes part of the décor in your room.  You could get pretty much all the supplies at your local dollar store, or use those ornamental odd plates you have in your kitchen or that you found at the thrift store.  I thought this was a really cool way to not only hang your pieces, but to decorate the room as well.

Hope the above ideas have helped to turn that creative side of your brain on, and will inspire you to take an afternoon and sort through that jewelry box and find those long lost pieces and wear them all again with no fears of them tangling or going AWOL.  Have fun!