Holiday Food Gift Wraps

Wrapping Homemade Food Gifts for Christmas

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Giving food as gifts and making interesting wrappings is not exactly a decorating issue, it's an extension of style. At Christmas time we are beautifying our homes, entertaining, and wrapping gifts. Some folks enjoy making gifts to give from their kitchen. Because a lot of people give home-baked items at Christmas time, you might want to make interesting ways to give them.

Country Wraps

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When you make homemade gifts such as jams or jellies or cranberry sauce, search attractive glass jelly jars. These are available in the supermarkets. Occasionally they have special jars during this time of year. They are the same price as the plain ones. After your jars are filled correctly and sealed, cut squares of gingham using pinking shears and secure the squares over the jar lids with a rubber band. Tie a ribbon around the lid. Create your own labels (use the computer to apply a custom look, or handwrite using a gold pen for a homespun appearance and attach a homemade card.

Botanical Wraps

Create color copies of botanical prints or seed packets and use the paper—instead of fabric—on the top of homemade jams and jellies. The print you select can pertain to the ingredients in the homemade gift item. Place the printed paper on top of the sealed jar and fasten with a rubber band. Then tie using a cord. Make up a small card on which you write the ingredients and give your jam a title, like this: "Tangy Tomato Sauce, made with farm-grown ingredients." Put a hole in one corner and tie to the jar lid. For these jars, you may use prints of fat, juicy tomatoes.

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Red All Over

Begin with a no-frills evergreen wreath and lend your own decorations to give your homemade gift a personal touch. Here's a simple project the children can help with. Make wrapping paper with red and white designs and wrap small jewelry-size boxes to garnish the wreath. You can even decorate huge pieces of paper in the same manner to use for wrapping up all your gifts. You'll need: shiny white wrapping paper, a natural sponge,  red acrylic paint, a pencil with a new eraser end, red and white yarn.

1. Squirt a small amount of paint onto a paper plate or in a ceramic bowl (acrylic paint is totally washable).

2. Spread the shiny paper onto a work surface, dip the sponge into the paint, pat the excess onto newsprint, then pounce the sponge up and down on the white paper to produce a random pattern of texture. Set this aside to dry.

3. Spread another sheet of paper. Dip the eraser end of the pen¬cil into the paint and then pat it onto newsprint. Treat the paper with red polka dots.

You can go on making all types of wrapping paper in this manner. For instance, use an artist's brush to paint swirls accross one sheet, and a rubber stamp to make a repeat pattern over another. Allow the paper to dry, then use it to wrap small boxes. Tie to each one with a double strand of red and white yarn. Wire in place all over the wreath. Create a bow on the wreath using lots of red and white loops of yarn.

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