Creative Article Writing

Finding Your Inspiration

If you are anything at all like me (in which case you have my deepest sympathies),  you have sat blankly staring at the computer screen in front of you knowing you need to create some new QUALITY content, coming up short in the inspiration department. In my experience as an artist, these phases of "writers block" can sometimes last a lot longer than you expect them to.  

Generally speaking, when you first sign up you will already have a few ideas for articles you would like to write (or at least some vague outlines). Usually what happens is you will crank out these articles in a fervor, anticipating your Adsense account approval along with the articles going live on InfoBarrel. This initial zeal will fade when you realize you have just written all your initial ideas, and you only have a handful of articles.  You can bet your last cent that the best "creators" in history, regardless of their art form, have suffered the same trials long before you came into the picture. How did they get past it? I have no clue, I wasn't in the picture yet either. So here are some ways I have been able to personally overcome these humbling hurdles.

1. What inspires you? 

For some people, inspiration is found nearly anywhere. It's like they simply pick ideas out of thin air. These people are unnatural phenomena, and are probably not reading this article anyways. For the rest of us, we need to search for inspiration. Try changing your surroundings. Doesn't matter so much where, how, or why. Just change them. Take a walk. Fly a kite. Go shopping. Bake a cake. Just do something! If you are the anxious type, this will also help alleviate some stress so you can focus on the task at hand. I like to listen to music. This changes my surroundings and stimulates my ability to start thinking creatively. Your inspiration will be found, quite literally, anywhere.

2. Remember! 

When searching for that inspiration you should be ready when it hits you. Write it down, record your voice, tell your friend, text it to yourself, whatever it takes.  Inspiration is fleeting and if you try to recall it later, it will be hard to capture that initial feeling you had when it first hit you. 

3. Do what comes naturally! 

Many times when I start a project, the finished product is miles from my initial vision of it. If you try to force something to conform to your preconceived ideas you had at first, your project (whether audible or visual) will  feel forced. Let your article become what it wants to become. Treat every article like a work of art. Who cares if you have to change the title a few times? People can tell by listening to a song if it did not come naturally to the band or singer. This is what happens when musicians try to "fit" in a specific genre or record label's vision that has no room for growth or change. It is the same (if not worse) with writing. 

4. Do Not Quit! 

Half of life is showing up, right? Don't let yourself get too discouraged over a little "writer's block". This is actually one of the most common tips when perusing the InfoBarrel Forums. The number one thing you can do to seal your failure is to not try at all or simply give up half way through. Do you want to make money at this IB gig? Really?? Then don't worry about making money. Just write because you enjoy it. Write to express yourself. Write to help others. Whatever you choose to write for, don't let it be the money.

Nothing has suppressed and hindered the artistic community more than the "business" of art.