writing officeHave you ever dreamed of becoming a creative writer like J. K Rowling or a romance writer like Janet Daily? I wonder how many people answered yes to that. I know I used to speculate whether it was possible for me to write a novel or a short story.

Some of us need help with the many facets of writing, whereas others writing is a natural process starting from an early school age.

Writing Achievements

Creative writing courses advantages and disadvantages will give you a realistic look at both side of doing this course. Writing can take you through an exciting process fulfilling your ultimate dreams and achievements. Then again it can drag you through a life of highs and lows depending on how well you write. All writers go through forms of this from writers block to the frustrations of not being able to sell or have their masterpiece published.

The main thing is not to give up. Let's face it, we can buy lottery tickets and not pick a winner. Does that stop us from buying another ticket? We have to stay positive or you will never succeed at anything you do. Writing also takes hard work, yes if you think sitting in front of a computer typing a few words will make you rich then think again. It takes dedication and persistence.

Finding your niche

There are many forms of writing. Here are a few examples:

· Writing fiction

· Poetry

· Writing Novels

· Short Stories

· Essays

· Advertising and Commercials

· Journalism

· Playwrights

· Radio

· Article writing on the internet

· Ghost writer

· Freelance writer

All of the above need a variety of techniques. You need to find which type of writing suits you the best. I did a correspondence course because I wanted to write fiction. I wrote two novels (unpublished) short stories and poetry. After several years I found that I enjoyed writing articles for the internet much more than creative writing, and am now being paid for it. Most novels require ten thousand words, where now I only need to write between four hundred to one thousand words. That's so much easier.

It may take you awhile to work through the writing process before deciding which one you prefer.

Online Writing Courses

Would an online writing course work for you? With the advent of the computer age more and more students and people decide to do a variety of courses online. Although it will not suit everyone and often you will not even see your teacher face to face.


Here a few of the advantages of doing online courses:

· Distance and travel- this is no longer a problem as you work from your own home. So you will save on fuel and travel time.

· Dress Code- no need to dress up to go to the college as no one will see you so you save there and on shoe leather.

· Lessons- All your lessons are there for you to read and print out when you feel like it so your lessons are flexible.

· Competitive – There is no one to see how good or bad your work is as no one can see it other than your teacher.

· Flexible hours- You can suit yourself when and how many hours you wish to work each day.

Disadvantages of online courses:

· On your own- Some people find it hard to work on their own without the interaction of other students. Whereas others prefer it and find it easier to concentrate.

· Time management- Many people find it hard to stick to the required schedules when doing these courses on your own. Without specified schedules they are inclined to put off their assignments thinking they can do it later. If this is you, then do not enroll in any online courses.

· Instructors- Some students prefer to have a teacher showing them where they are going wrong, and need their attention as a confidence boost.

· Technology- All students need to be computer literate and have a reasonably quick connection speed to the internet.

Correspondence Writing courses

Correspondence courses are great for the person who has a busy life schedule. You pay and sign up when you are ready then your lessons will be posted to you to begin.


· Choose your own hours. It also allows you to work at your own pace without pressure from the teacher or anyone else.

· Courses offer certificates stating your achievements, equivalent to those of colleges.

· Eliminates travel time and saves fuel costs

· Work in your pajama's if that is what you want.

· Everything comes directly to your doorstep

· Receive honest criticism.

· Help is available by email or phone if needed


· No face to face teachings

· If you need a push then this is not for you it requires self motivation.

· You will work alone

· You need to set aside at least an hour every day and make sure you write something in that time.

· Writing takes concentration, you need to find a place where you feel comfortable without disturbance

· Do not let family and friends discourage you, believe in your own ability

· Work without exercise and you could get RSI

Tips to succeed in whatever direction you take with a writing career

· Enjoy what you do

· Practice every day even if its ten or twenty minutes

· Watch how people do things

· Study people and their actions describe what they are doing by writing it in your own words.

· Keep a journal and jot down things when you think of them. Do not rely on your memory- you will forget.

· Often we are too close to our writing so that we cannot even see typing errors.

Creative Writing Workshops

You could try joining one of these they are brilliant for the new writers. You should be able to find one of these in most cities or country towns. If you can join a local one you will benefit, although be careful not to take criticism personally. Each person writes something, and then it is read out and people will give you suggestions on how to improve it. Most people mean well and tell it like it is. Therefore if they tell you it needs to show more color or action, take this information onboard. Read it out aloud, if you stumble over something, it is probably wrong.

Personally I found the correspondence course to be brilliant for me; it was a great way to learn the basics of creative writing in privacy. As I had two part time jobs I would write in my spare time in between jobs. The tutor was honest and told me straight what my problems were and explained how to accomplish the things I was doing wrong.

Although it is up to the individual, these courses would not suit everyone. If you are thinking of writing a novel or story then you could also learn many things online regarding other important parts of creative writing to help you like: