Creative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Player is a palm-size music player that can be a good companion of yours when you are doing work-out, commuting to work or walking with your beloved dog.

20GB large storage spaceCreative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Player

Creative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Player lets you store up to 10,000 WMA songs or 5000 MP3 songs so you will never get bored no matter where you are. The large space available can also act as a portable drive for you to store files and transfer files whenever needed. If you are struggling to buy a flash drive or a music player, you can even save your money and buy a pair of good earphones and a Creative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Player so you can have the function of both.

Customized play lists

The music player lets us customize play lists of our own which is one of the functions that I like most. I like having lists of songs for different needs of mine. Like when I am doing work-out, I alwayCreative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Player 2s prefer some fast pace music which can easily make me get into the mood of burning more energy. And when I am out there with my pet walking, I would like to hear some slow music so that I can be more relax. So having different customized play lists for different purposes are always good.

Great sound quality but bad earphones

You really would be satisfied with the great sound quality of the Creative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Player. It can provide you with excellent music enjoyment when you have got a pair of substitute earphones instead of what you get from the package. Yes, the ones that accompany the music player are not good enough. You are highly recommended to spend 10 more bucks on a better audio gear. You would then be able to get the most out of your superb music player.

Poor battery indication

The music player has a battery indicator which is a good thing that you will easily have an idea that how much power is left which however is only a three-bar battery indicator that when there is only one bar left, you would not be able to have a clear idea that how long the music playing time remains. You have to guess it that it can be 5 hours or even only 30 minutes left. It is not convenient. I would recommend the company to modify the energy indicator to show the percentage of power left to make the Creative Zen Touch 20GB MP3 Player more user-friendly.

With the music player and a good pair of earphones, you are ready to enter the music world.