Cheap and Creative Valentine's Day Gifts

With Valentine's day quickly approaching many people are trying to think of creative ways to impress the sweehearts in their lives.  Valentine's day ideas can become costly, but it doesn't have to.  Sometimes, simple, creative and personable ideas will warm the heart of your sweetheart more so than an expensive dinner.  So, wow your sweetie pie with these cheap and inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts that are sure to impress your love and give you a reward you'll not likely to forget!

1. Purchase a photo frame, ribbon, stickable letters, carnation flowers and a glue gun.  Find your local craft store, such as a Michael's and purchase the wooden photo frame for 1.99, ribbon for 1.99, stickable letters for 1.99 (depending on the style), carnation flowers 1.99 and a hot glue gun for around 5.99.  Use the hot glue gun to add the ribbon to the photo frame in a design that you like or a way you think your Valentine will like, then add the carnation flowers at the ends of the ribbon with the glue gun and if you have room you can use the stickable letters to say, " I love You" or put your names on the frame.  Once you've decorated the frame add a photo of you and your valentine.  His/her heart will melt at your creativity and attention to detail, and all for under $20.

2. Bead a necklace or bracelet.  Again, head to your local craft store and buy Stretch Magic Beading Cord for around 2.99,  beads which can cost anywhere from 1.99 and up depending on the style, and that's it.  Michael's usually has beads on sale.  All you do is gather your beads and choose a pattern if you buy more than one style.  Cut your beading string to the desired length and string on the beads, then tie the two ends together.  Also, purchase a gift box and gift bag. Once you've beaded the bracelet, place it in the gift box's ready for your sweetheart.  Your valentine will have a unique gift that no one else will have.

3. Rent movies.  Buy three "chick flick" movies, snuggle up with your sweetheart, put on cozy socks and enjoy the movies with your valentine's day chocolates. 

4. Make a candy bar bouquet.  Buy a bunch of your love's favorite candy bars, head back to your local craft store and purchase plant foam and a pot along with some straws and tape.  Tape the candy bars to the back of the straws.  Next put the plant foam inside the pot and arrange the candy bar straws in the foam like a bouquet of flowers.

As you can see Valentine's day can be special and fun, creative and budget friendly.  Sometimes the personal gifts are the most valueable, because you put yourself into your creations and your love will appreciate the thought.  Happy Valentine's Day!