Have you just found out that you are expecting? How about thinking of a creative way to announce your pregnancy to your husband? If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for a while, then this is going to be a wonderful surprise for him! Consider his personality, hobbies, and habits -- this will help in thinking of a creative way to announce a pregnancy to your husband.

Do you have a bookworm husband? Then consider slipping in some parenting books into his book collection and wait for him to notice. Consider titles that express tips on becoming a great dad or other fun titles that will surely give him the message. If your partner keeps a stack of books on his nightstand, you can be a little more daring and slip some books in between is current reads and wait for his reaction.

If your partner an artist or photographer? Consider grabbing your digital camera and snapping "baby" pictures, pictures of cribs, little knitted booties, diapers - or may actual words that say "We're having a baby!" Now send the photos to be developed and ask your partner to pick up the pictures on his lunch hour or on the way home. The photographs will definitely do a fun job with announcing a pregnancy and the pictures could be the start of your baby's first scrapbook.

Is dinner a big part of the day for you two? Consider making a special dinner geared toward "babies." How about baby back ribs, steamed baby carrots, or baby shrimps with mini ravioli? Make the theme apparent in the menu and wait for him to catch on. If he is too distracted, consider "accidentally" serving him a beverage in a little sippy cup - surely he will catch on then!

Start shopping early for your little one! You'll eventually need baby blankets, little t-shirts, baby booties, and other baby essentials - so why not start now? Consider shopping a little early and mixing the baby's stuff with Daddy's stuff - purely by accident, of course! Put baby shoes next to his work shoes, place baby bottles next to the dinner glasses, or the baby blankets in the linen closet. Eventually your partner will get the subtle (or not-so-subtle) message!

Is your partner an calendar nerd? Is his palm pilot almost connected to his hip? How about sneaking baby appointments onto the calender or electronic calender? Then nonchalantly asking him to "check some dates" for you and have him find the new appointments.

This is just a brainstorm of creative ways to announce a pregnancy to your husband. If you find out that you are pregnant near your wedding anniversary, then any of the above can make spectacular anniversary gifts! You know your hubby best, so try to think of a cool and memorable way to announce the big news that you guys will remember forever because it's not everyday that you're announcing a pregnancy! So have fun!