Why should one apply for credit cards? Well, because, we all need credit cards. Let's make no bones about it. No matter how much you assert that you can live without a credit card, you have to realize that living without one in this day and age with unexpected expenses creeping up from unlikeliest of places can make your budget plans go topsy-turvy.

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Now if you happen to live on the fast tack with a busy career, a happening social life – the works… it's almost impossible to imagine your life minus your flexible Visa friend. Modern times don't permit multitasking if you don't have a reliable small business credit card you can always depend on. Most people nowadays can't get by with a single credit card. There are so many different types of credit cards in the market offering different benefits that owning a single credit card makes little sense.

However, what stops people from going for additional credit cards is the lengthy credit card application system. The unnecessary hassles, the credit card multiple forms, endless calls from the credit card company make the process unimaginably difficult. And this is when the credit card company proactively offers you their card. People actually cringe when they relieve the experience of personally visiting the company or bank to apply for a credit card.

Remember all those intrusive financial questions you were asked by the supposedly helpful executive. Remember those lengthy questionnaires you had to fill up. And after fulfilling all the required obligations, wait for days not knowing whether your form will be accepted or rejected. But you don't need to go down this lengthy road once you know the various shortcuts of applying for a low limit credit card.

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Credit card Application – How to get an Instant Approval Credit Card?

The easiest way to apply for a credit card is to use the instant approval option. If you lead a busy life and don't have time or the energy to go through the lengthy application process, the instant approval option is perfect for you. It's so fast that your credit card application will be accepted in as less as an hour. The screening time is so short because credit card companies simply tally your credit score to check your previous credit history. If you have a respectable credit score, the process will be fast tracked. The powerful computer programs used by credit card companies nowadays actually allow them to tally your credit score kept three separate companies.

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Benefits of Instant Approval Credit Cards

The instant approval credit card system has several advantages. Not only does it make it easier for applicants to get their credit card quickly, it allows credit card companies screen their prospective subscribers accurately thus reducing chances of error. Those with a solid credit history also become eligible for several additional benefits and freebies.

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For example some credit card companies especially the bigger ones like MasterCard, Visa, Discover offer several monetary rewards like zero percent interest rates for the first six months or zero annual fees. If this sounds like an offer of a lifetime, get this. Credit card companies may also waive off the interest they charge on balance transfers. Such amazing credit card bundled deals are very hard to come by. Such deals seem all the more improbable given old credit card application plan still followed by some banks.

Online Credit Card Application – Fast But Won't Make You Furious

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The easiest way to get an instantly approved for an credit card is to go online. By browsing through the websites of credit card companies, you will be able to see the various credit card offers, compare them and choose the ones that best suit your needs. You can fill the online credit card application form. The system will then do the rest. All your information will be processed by the software and within a day or two you will get a call from the company to verify your address and other minor details. And before the week is over you will be happily swiping your new credit card.