Best Credit Card Rewards

Getting Rewarded

If you are reading this, it means you are interested in earning rewards towards airline miles by signing up for a credit card.  Many credit card companies affiliate with certain airlines to pair your spending with rewards toward flights.  Generally the credit card company will award the bulk of these airline miles in the form of a lump sum for signing up for the card.  The card will generally have a few set rules in the place such as minimum amount of spending and the time frame within which to spend it.  Some cards do come with annual fees, either up front or at the time of anniversary.  

Best Cards for Airline Miles

The best card for getting awarded airline miles is always going to be a matter of opinion.  Which airport is closest to you and other factors will determine the overall value of each card.  Currently a few particular cards and airlines have separated from the others as the elite.  These cards offer significant sign up bonuses and some of the most attractive redemption rates.  In the next few paragraphs I will give a breakdown of each card and how it can benefit you.

   Chase Visa Southwest Airlines Card

The Chase Visa Southwest Airlines Card features 50,000 southwest rapid rewards points for initial sign up and only requires a minimum spending limit of $1,000.  The downside to the card is the upfront annual fee of $69 but the overall value of the 50,000 points is equivalent to $650 in want to get away fares.  Southwest redemption is just like purchasing a seat so any potential seat can be a reward seat.  This makes southwest a very attractive option for those who need flexibility.

 Citi Bank American Airlines Visa Card

The Citi Bank American Airlines Visa Card is a significant value for those people who fly this airline.  Specifically the people who use this airline at one of their many regional jet locations around the country that connects to major airports.  The offer on this card varies annually but it has been up to 50,000 points at times which means two round trip flights.  The redemption site operated by American Airlines is very easy to use and allows users to plan accordingly for flights.  Not all seats are available for reward travel so this is something to consider when choosing a card to sign up for.

 SPG American Express Card

The last card is probably the most interesting of all the cards and definitely the most flexible. The Starwood Preferred Guest or SPG card is a major hotel chain that has teamed up with American Express to offer redemption for hotels and other services.  The unique aspect of this card is that points earned in this program can be transferred at very reasonable rates to other programs.  If you can accumulate at least 20,000 SPG points it can be redeemed with a bonus of 5,000 points towards partner airlines such as American Airlines.  Double miles can be earned by using the card to book hotel stays at participating SPG properties which gives the card a unique earning potential.