Credit Card Options- Online credit cards

Credit card options - Online credit cards

Credit cards can be your best friend, they can also be the cause of your worst nightmare. When i hear companies calling me, offering me free credit cards, i quickly end the conversation, thus i have had a bad experience with credit cards.

However there was a time when credit cards were my best friend, it helped me build and establish a great credit, a credit score one would be proud to call their own, but as soon as business began to slow down, and payments were made later and later, bills quickly began to accumulate and i subsequently fell behind on credit card payments. Falling behind on credit card payments are not something you want to do, for fees quadruple, and the companies start charging you fees upon fees, pretty soon that $20 of gas you put into your car ends up costing you an arm and a leg.

In all seriousness one must be cautious when dealing with credit card options, especially ones offered online. There are so many fly by night credit card companies , that its getting harder and harder to tell if they are really legit, or just a scam! Why just today i kid you not, i got a lending company, (which will remain nameless, maybe, lol) contacted me and pretty much had me sold, the sales person pre qualified me and told me that i pretty much could borrow 12,000 by the weeks end, all I had to do was send him 3 months bank statements, and pay a 200.00 fee. When I asked him for their website, he started to stutter and made one up, i happened to be online at the time, so i quickly googled their name, and what to you know, he had lied. Imagine the feeling i had when i questioned him about it, after that , he turned it around and said pretty much that i did not 'deserve' the funds and hung up on me.

Credit Card Options:

There are so many options now a days, so be careful, most are credible but for every 8 that are good, maybe 2 are scams, so do your homework, especially when they are asking for bank statements or money up front, run the other way!

Online Credit Cards:

I have had a good experience when dealing with online credit cards, I had done some research on how to build back up your credit using pre-paid credit cards, so i applied to one that i had never heard of before so needless to say I was skeptical at first, they requested 150.00 up front, but that was not a fee, that money was a deposit for the credit card, it pays off the amount you spend monthly, therefore minimizing risk to them. It worked and i slowly built my credit month by month.

So overall , when dealing with credit cards, just like anything else, you have the good, the bad, and the ugly, til next time, do your homework before applying online, and never give out your cc or bank info online.