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Identity Theft Protection with a Checkbook Wallet

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and across the globe and thieves are coming up with new ways of finding out our financial and personal information that goes way beyond stealing data from our computers. It's up to each and every one of us to know what thieves are up to and to protect against identity theft – a new wallet is one of the best and easiest ways to protect yourself, your friends and family.

These days identity thieves are able to scan our wallets and read the information from our credit cards, driver's licenses and debit cards from across the room not having to ever touch the actual cards. I've had my own identity stolen years ago and can attest to the fact that it's more than a pain to deal with banks and lenders when the thief opens new accounts in your name. That's when I started searching for ways to protect my financial information and came across these easy to use wallets.

If you need a new wallet or are searching for the perfect gift for a woman, think about a ladies checkbook style wallet that has RFID blocking capabilities to protect against identity theft. Scroll down to see one of my favorite options.

Benefits of RFID Ladies Checkbook Style Wallet

        • Identification Window for driver's license

        • 11 slots for various credit cards or debit card as well as business cards or medical id

        • Coin compartment

        • 5 areas for currency and bills or receipts

        • Tested by the US government as RFID blocking capabilities so that all credit card inserted are safe from identity thieves trying to steal your valuable information

        • Blocks both high and low frequency skimmers to keep your information safe

        • Available in black neutral color

        • Checkbook area for those that prefer to write checks and leave the bulk of your credit cards at home

        • Positive reviews by other customers that have purchased this RFID ladies wallet

        • Available for free shipping option from amazon.com

        • A checkbook style wallet can be used as a clutch for daytime use instead of carrying a larger handbag and it fits easily in most handbags except wristlet styles

        • Keeps many receipts and cards neatly organized in one location instead of carrying a checkbook and a seperate wallet

        • Durable and easy to clean and keep clean


Stainless Steel Checkbook Style Wallet

Another choice in checkbook style RFID wallets is this one from amazon.com. It is more expensive and boasts a more modern appearance, an exterior made of woven stainless steel cloth and leather accents that is much more durable and long lasting. It comes complete with a pen but, only has three credit card slots, id window, area for checkbook and an extra slot. For the money, most customers prefer the black leather described earlier which is less than half the price and has more features and compartments.


Many people are unaware that identity thieves are now able to scan our wallets from across the room and access all of our credit card, debit card and license information. Take a defensive stand against identity theft by choosing a checkbook style wallet for yourself or as a gift that will keep your financial information private and out of the hands of thieves. It's a simple and effective part of your credit card protection that you will want to share with your friends and family.

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Sharp design ladies wallet with identity theft protection

available in 8 color options to choose

RFID Blocking Secure Wallet Ladies Clutch
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You'll like this very well made wallet with plenty of room for your credit cards, cash, passes, receipts, identification and easy to use as a wallet or a simple clutch. I've given it as a gift and mom and my sisters appreciated the little lesson they learned about protecting their identity too.