Credit cards are in almost everyone’s wallet or purse, and they have taken the place of money in many situations. When traveling overseas, keeping yours safe can be the difference between having an enjoyable holiday and having a miserable overseas’ experience. Fortunately, you can reduce the risk of having problems while traveling overseas by following a few simple tips.

Notify Your Card Issuer

Before you travel overseas, you should notify your card issuer. If you don’t notify them, and they suddenly notice charges being applied to your card in other countries, they may suspect fraud and cancel your card. Having yours cancelled could quickly ruin your trip. Another reason for notifying your card issuer of an upcoming overseas’ trip is that some may prohibit transactions in certain countries. You will obviously want to know if one of the countries you are visiting is on their prohibited list before you leave home.

Split Your Credit Cards

If you have a joint credit card with a spouse or other family member, you may want to consider carrying different ones while you are traveling overseas. If you both have the same card, and one of you is robbed, then both of them will be cancelled when you report the theft to your issuer since they are on the same account. However, if you both have different cards, then at least one of them will still be valid if you have to report one as stolen. Another reason for carrying different credit cards is that some places overseas may honor one type of but not another . By each of you carrying a different type, you increase the odds that one of them will be honored when you make a purchase.

Account and Contact Numbers

You should write down your account number and any relevant contact numbers for your credit card before you leave on your overseas trip. If yours is lost or stolen, you will have a lot less problems if you know all of the necessary contact numbers ahead of time. A good idea is to call your issuer before your trip and ask them for contact numbers in the countries on your itinerary.

Almost Essential

Keep Track of Your Card

It goes without saying that you should never leave it unattended. If you are going for a swim in the pool at your hotel, then you should either take it with you, or you should lock it up in your room’s safe. Another option would be to leave it with a family member or friend. Hiding your purse or wallet in a drawer covered up by your socks is not a secure storage spot. Leaving it unattended is a sure way to have yours stolen.

Millions of people use their credit cards without a problem when traveling overseas each year, so you should not have a problem either as long as you follow a few tips before you leave home. You can significantly reduce the risk of any problems by notifying your issuer, writing down contact numbers, splitting cards between traveling companions, and keeping track of your credit card.

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