Poor credit for some is an inconvenience, to others devastating. Getting credit cards for people with poor credit is not an impossible goal, it is definitely attainable. Someone once asked me: "where can I get poor credit credit cards", and it occurred to me that not enough information about poor credit rating credit cards but there is on bad credit products. It may be senseless s bickering over semantics but I see a difference between bad and poor payment histories, and I think others do too. There are a few different options for people with poor credit to get credit cards and it's important to match the best option with the situation.

Poor credit is sometimes cause by a reporting error and can be resolved. The first step is to get a copy of your credit report and review it against your records. You're allowed one free copy of your credit once a year and it's a good idea to make reviewing it every year a habit. Like everyone else, credit reporting agencies make errors and sometimes the error is from one of the lending institutions you've dealt with. Regardless, if there's an error and you have proof through supporting documentation you can have it changed. Something as small as a few hundred dollars showing as an unpaid balance can tarnish an otherwise reasonable credit score. If this is the case and you have a statement showing it is paid in full the report can be corrected.

Credit card options for poor credit:

Co-signed credit cards are card accounts that have two people's names on them. One would be you and the other would be a co-signer that is helping you qualify. The benefit of this arrangement is qualifying for a lower interest rate card or a card with good promotional offers. If you have a family member or friend that would consider co-signing this is an option that should be considered.

Unsecured credit cards are more difficult to qualify for. Many credit card companies offer high-risk credit cards that have a substantially higher interest rate than premium low-risk cards. This option will depend on how poor the applicant's credit really is and depending on the situation it may be an option to consider after trying with a co-signer.

Secured credit cards are an option that should be at the top of your list. The benefit of this type of card is that no co-signer is needed and poor credit usually won't stand in your way of qualifying. The way these cards work is by putting down a deposit that would be used by the credit card company to pay off an unpaid balance if it is defaulted on. Deposits can range from 10% of the cards limit to 100%. This is all based on the quality of the applicant's credit and ability to pay minimum payments of the card if it was maxed out.

Credit cards for people with poor credit do exist and are obtainable through a number of different options. With the right approach and a little homework you can find the best option for your current situation. It's important to have an honest look at how you came to have poor credit and if getting another credit card will add to your poor credit problems you may want to choose another avenue that focuses more on the source of the issue rather than doing some patch work to get you through the short term.

Always consult with a professional before acting on any advice.