Who Can Benefit?

People who…

  • have more bills than money at the end of each month,
  • you are spending money that has been set aside for a payment on something you really don’t need but just can’t resist,
  • have so many bills they just want to  “give up” trying to get ahead
  • have bill collectors calling or visiting their homes
  • need help making and following a budget
  • need help getting interest rates and payments lowered



It is important that as soon as you realize there are financial problems in your household take steps to rectify the situation.


Picking Out a Credit Counseling Agency



There are many credit counseling agencies out there so it is important that you do some research to make sure that you are picking the best one for you. There are a lot of scams and false agencies that exist so to help pick out a legitimate and qualified credit counseling service there are several questions you can ask…

  • Are they listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)?
    • If they are this is a good sign that they are legitimate.
  • Where do they get their accreditation?
    • Agencies can get their accreditation from a variety of places; however you want to make sure they are accredited from a legitimate/reputable source. If you are wondering about their accreditation status contact the BBB for information regarding the company.
  • How long have they been in business?
    • If they have been open for many years this is generally a good sign.
  • Have any complaints been lodged against them?      
    • You can find this out by contacting the BBB, asking the agency directly, or doing some internet research.
  • Are their credit counselors all certified?
    • It is important that all of their counselors are certified and accredited from an outside organization.


What Can a Credit Counselor Offer You?

Credit counseling services offer a variety of options and solutions that are aimed at helping you get out of debt. These options may vary from agency to agency but some common things that a credit counselor can do for you are…

  • Help in creating a budget
  • Finding ways for you to cut costs
  • Analyzing your spending and income
  • Lowering your payments
  • Lowering your interest rates
  • Consolidating your bills and loans
  • Taking over your payments all together


It is very important that you know what options your credit counseling service has to offer and also the costs of these options. Make sure you ask about any hidden fees or additional costs that may accrue with them.



Where to Look for a Credit Counseling Agency?

If you are at the point where you need to get some financial help then a credit counseling agency is something you should definitely look into. There are many places to check to find out the perfect agency for you.

  • Internet
  • Phone Book
  • The BBB
  • Friends/Colleagues
  • Newspapers


The biggest thing to know about credit counselors is that they are a way to help get you out of debt. Getting out of debt isn’t easy to do so prepare yourself for a struggle that could take some time.