A credit card at 0% with no transfer fee is your option if you're overwhelmed by the cost of maintaining or looking into lower interest payments.


Credit card at 0% with no transfer fees, when available, offers consumers the opportunity to increase savings by eliminating transfer fees credit card companies balance annoying fees for each balance transfer. Since autumn 2008, most credit card companies have stopped offering 0% APR balance transfers no payment. Today it offers a good balance transfer pay a small fee of 3% and offers a 0% APR for 12 months or more, as many cards charge fees of up to 5%.


Until late 2008, a number of no fee balance transfer credit card were available. Most of these offer six to nine months, so a good choice for balance transfers long. In January and February 2011, some offers no balance transfer fees with 0% APR for 12 months. However, this letter was only available for a limited time and expired on March 1. From now on, no other large credit card company offers 0% APR on balance transfers without charge. January-February 2011, some people offered a 0% APR credit card with no balance transfer credits. This limited-time offer expires March 1. Until such time as the same type of return, the best balance transfer offers available in the past 12 months or more and bring a balance transfer fee of 3%. Until the credit crisis began, a number of companies are offering interest rates of 0% on balance transfers without charge. When these offers were available, a consumer can save $ 30 or more for each $ 1 000 and transferred all the benefits of a 0% APR. Unfortunately, all major emitters have stopped offering 0% offers no fee balance transfer in early 2008. In December 2008, the last credit card that offers no balance transfer fees and 0% APR for six months, issued by a company credit card was taken off the market. Therefore, consumers have no choice but to pay the balance transfer if they want to take advantage of the savings from 0% in April. Fortunately, the payment of the balance transfer is not that bad of a deal as you might think. While a nuisance, who just blew a hole in substantial savings can be harvested at a rate of 0% for the year or more. And while credit card offers 0% APR for one year and charged with no balance transfer fee was definitely the best deal in town, free of charge which deals only offered a 0% APR for 6 months actually offer savings to consumers below the bids include the cost of the balance transfer. The most important thing is to be concerned about the cost of $ 50 or $ 100 in balance transfer fees, and focus on the hundreds that can be saved with an interest rate is 0%.

A quick history - Three years ago, there were a handful of credit cards offered no fee balance transfers and rates of 0% interest for 1 year. Today, the cost of balance transfer is increasing, with most companies charge 5.3% balance transfer fee, no maximum. Although credit cards that charge 0% balance transfer fee are gone, for now, the credit card companies have become more generous with offers of 0%. So while you have to pay an additional fee of 4%, is much better than paying an interest rate of 14% with your current card.
Best credit card offers

Most credit card companies now offer 0% for 12 months at least. However, some of 0% for 15 months or more offers balance transfer has been popping up. If you can get one of these, apply as soon as you can. Just be careful when you review the fine print. You can get approved for one of these offers, but only offered a 0% APR for as little as 6 months. Do not wait for better deals! Right now, the balance transfer offer credit card is as good as they will for some time. The credit card companies have been less specific about who is approved and the competition has led to extending the zero percent rates above the historical average of 12 months. If you sit on a balance of interest rates, then it is best not to let the debt grow until something better to show. Better deals cannot be back for years.

Covered the industry for credit cards over six years; I saw a tectonic shift in society. Things were really ugly in 2009 and only slightly better on most of 2010. But in late 2010 and now in 2011, the credit card companies are once again fighting for business. This created a great opportunity for consumers to take advantage of low rates that banks are essentially the red carpet with a very good deal as they try to steal customers from their competitors.

After everything that happened during the credit crisis, choosing the best card balance transfer credit is more crucial than ever. Sometimes the best balance transfer is no longer, like choosing a credit card for good is almost as important as getting interest rates of 0%. Find out which card (and credit card company) is my first choice.


Balance transfer offers are now almost as good as they get. Unfortunately, the market is not likely to stay this good forever. If the Fed signals higher interest rates or competition between the decreases in credit card, consumers will find that the length of balance transfer promotions will be significantly reduced.

In order to truly compare credit cards and get the best possible deal, you should apply for two credit cards and compare the long term interest rate and the length of the 0% period you ultimately receive to insure you activate the credit card that provides you the best opportunity to save money. You can also try to consider looking for another credit card balance transfer, so you can join the rest of your life your interest balances to 0%. This does not need a lot of brainstorming or analysis. All you got to have is the skill of being detail oriented and you should be perfectly aware.